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Air Scoop
Float Fly off the Missouri River
Great Falls October 14
New Club member Jim Johnson and others are looking forward to our River Float Fly on October 14, across from Elks Park on River Road. Flying should start about 9 am and the Club has invited pilots from other clubs to attend. I know that Jim and Derek have been practicing. These water events are always popular and we will see people stopping and coming over to watch us fly. Its a good PR deal for the Club, so it's a win win type deal. A BBQ might be planned for around lunchtime for pilots.
        Wednesday Night Flying
Longfellow School Gym 6 pm to 9 pm
Typically this time of year, it gets colder and the winds blow way too often, so guys flying at the Field isn't that common. What is common, is this is the forth year our Club has rented a school space to fly aircraft suitable for indoor flying. I just started last year, I am a slow learner, but I can manage my quad pretty good. I have to thank some of the guys for helping me retrieve my quad from basket ball nets, and center curtains. My quad seems to get caught in something, but that's better than crashing. Normally guys fly open style for the first 90 minutes and then some PVC poles are set up and some of the guys do some good racing. There is talk of building a FPV Course at the field this next spring, as several guys have some First Person View quads, that let them see from the quad itself, through special glasses or off a phone attachment. This might be a new area to attract some new club membership. There are a lot of quad flyers around town, but they might find out we have a very safe open space to fly in with no danger of falling on somebody's house etc. Pictured below are some quads and fixed aircraft I took at a recent Wednesday night session.
1100 6th Avenue South.