Big Sky RC Modelers Monthly Minutes 2017
Winter Club meetings 1st Wednesday of the Month, at the Longfellow School Gym, starting at 7 PM. Big Sky Radio Control Modelers became an AMA chartered club over 40 years ago. The club has about 33 current members. Their ages range from 8 years to 75 years of age. We are a typical cross section of America with one common bond and that is radio control helicopters, quads and airplanes.
September 6, 2017 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:05 With 9 members and one guest/future member, Todd Glace, in attendance. Welcome Todd! Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the August meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrell Anderson was not available due to work, so the Treasurer's report was also read by the Secretary, and it was accepted as read . Dan Woods went through the list of un-renewed members to see if anyone thought they needed some prodding to sign up.

Old Business: We had a small discussion about the MANG static display and what a success it was. The Scale Meet was also talked about. We had a good turnout of both flyers and visitors. The burgers and hotdogs were a hit. Jim Spaans mentioned the talk he had with the Health Department, and the "training" they mentioned about food service, was just a suggestion, not a requirement. Drone/multi-rotor flying has become more popular with our membership and some rules have been put in place at the field, so Don Hungerford has created another spot to fly and the East end of our field. Thank You, Don!

Also, the rules about vehicles on the south side of the fence was brought up. If you have not read it, check out the article on the subject, written by Web Master, Bruce Hadella, in last month's newsletter.
New Business: Dave Harris was not able to attend the meeting but called in to update us on the Banquet. He asked if we wanted an ala carte menu or a banquet style menu with a choice of 3 items. We voted for the ala carte and to have our own bar tender, just as we did last year. It will be on December 9th, with drinks and lies at 6:30, and dinner starting around 7. Mark your calendar!
Flying at Leo's and been moved to Sunday, October 8th, with lunch at Les' in Power. John Sandy brought up that our Vice President, Steve Woodhouse would be driving to the Meet in Kalispell on Saturday, September 9th, just up and back, if anyone wanted to ride up there with him. Quick calendar for September: Kalispell the 9th; Bozeman the 23rd, Fly and Swap meet. We talked briefly about an impromptu float fly for our club, at either the river or Wadsworth, more to come. Also, with the seasons changing and the shorter days, we are going to start up the indoor flying at Longfellow school again this year. It costs the club $20 a night, so participation usually is around $3 to fly. More to come. President Dan Woods found an excellent bargain on a used propane, 8 burner grill. $100 Don Woods made a motion to purchase the grill for the club. Jim Spaans seconded and everyone in attendance approved. So the club has a new grill! Much safer and convenient for the chefs! Thanks Dan!! John Sandy asked of Justin Wolf had ever been paid the $75 for the help with the fence. It was not in the treasurers' report so Dan was going to check with Darrell. Jim Spaans brought up the lock for our gate and the trouble members have been having with it. There was some discussion then Jim made a motion to purchase a new combo lock, Chuck Woods seconded and the motion carried. Dan Woods will send out an email to Darrell to go ahead and get us a new one.
This was the last meeting for the year for Jim Spaans, he's getting ready to head south for the winter, so he brought back the "Flyer of the Year" trophy that adorned his mantel in 2017. Thank you Jim!!
Meeting was adjourned at 7:56

August 3, 2017 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 p.m. with 10 members in attendance.
There was some discussion with Nathan Wolf and the members in attendance about the trade made to give Justin
Wolf his club membership for the work he and Nathan did to get our fence installed. The club agreed to pay Nathan
$75 cash instead. John Sandy made the motion, Jim Spaans seconded, and the motion carried. Justin does not
have a current AMA membership so the cash offer was better for the club. Membership trades for work was
discussed further and probably won't be happening in the furture. Secretary Chuck Woods read last months' minutes and
they were approved as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson was unavailable due to work so Chuck also read the treasurers'
report, it was also accepted as read. Dan Woods had a receipt for $52 for the rest of the Quikcrete for the fence posts for
next time. Dan Woods started conversation with the Open House and the fun had with dropping parachutes and attempts and
toilet paper drops, etc. It was a good turnout, buddy boxes were a hit and everyone had a good time! Dan has
checked with the AMA about media coverage of such an event and since we had a spot on the news, we should get

a check for $150! We did not have food at this event due to concerns of legality and liability. Jim Spaans called
and talked with the County Health dept., and with a small about of instructions, we are able to serve food to the public
on a limited basis. So our scale event will have the burgers and dogs, etc. as in the past! John Sandy suggested
that we have a AMA sanctioned event next year so that is on the table and will be discussed further.
Dave Harris asked about the awards ceremony that Dan and Chuck Woods attended to receive the 2nd place
trophy for the Clubs float in the 4th of July parade. We talked about the ceremony, what to do for next year,
(Steve Woodhouse suggested paper airplanes for the handouts....we all volunteered him to do the folding!)
Great idea Steve! Dan Woods was one of 6 or so members that went to the Helena float fly so he talked about the
day there. A few too many boats and people on tubes, (who hung out in the landing area just a bit too often),
caused the water to get a little choppy. John Sandy gave us all some tips on oiling up an engine after it got a
dunking in the lake!
We also talked about our static display at the Air Show at MANG. It was a success, but everyone agreed that
setting up was a lot of work and not get to fly! Several air show goers asked and would have liked to see us fly!
Dan Woods had his RC Simulator set up there and it was a hit! Lots of folks trying out their flying skills! The show
went smoothly until the very end. We had just started to tear things down when a microburst hit us, tried to carry
off our sun shades and flipped and damaged a couple planes that were on display and one of the shades was
damaged. Sorry Dan!
Quick event calendar: Possible for the Missoula club-8/5-6. Billings ALES-8/12. Butte is on the calendar that
same weekend 8/12. And our scale meet is 8/19. There is nothing on the calendar for Big Sky RC in September,
so there was talk of an impromptu float fly at the river.....stay tuned.
We are going to try and get the work out before hand with the media; News, paper, etc. We also talked
about changing our Open House event; from Saturday and Sunday to Friday evening and Saturday. Maybe
making it a camping event with twilight and early morning flights. More to come.....Our flying field was talked
about: the safety lines on the runway and what we can do with them so everyone understands their meaning.
They will be markedas such in the not too distant future. Parking on the south side of the fence was also
discussed. Unloading zone only..... With the gains in popularity in flying drones at the field, it was discussed
and decided that they (multi rotors) are to be treated like a helicopter and flown at that designated area.
An additional "Drone Zone" will be created at the other end of the field with the runway being for fixed wing
aircraft. (Unless you are the only one out there, then it doesn't really matter) Meeting was adjourned at 8:25

July 5th, 2017
President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:02 pm. with 10 members in attendance. The previous months' minutes were read by Secretary, Chuck Woods. They were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson was unable to attend the meeting due to work, so the Treasurer's report was also read by the Secretary. They were accepted as read.
Dan Woods was asked to talk about building the float for the 4th of July parade. He described the building process and the costs of the supplies, etc. $25 from the Dollar Tree, $25 for the entry fee, $12 for the handouts, and around $50 for the candy handed out. It was then brought up that the President has a $100 to use at his discretion. We all agreed that the parade float was at big hit and got a very good response from the folks at the parade. A HUGE THANK YOU TO DAN for all the hard work on this project. Also, Thank You to Don Woods, John Sandy, and Dan's girls-- for passing out the candy! At the end of the day, an off duty Highway Patrol officer approached Dan and Don and told them that the MHP are to start using Drones to fly over and document accident scenes. The MHP may be getting in contact with the club for some flying instruction.
Bruce Hadella talked about his mishap with his drone out at the field. It got out of range and went down. He thanked Dan and Don Gillis for doing a search with their DJI drones, but Bruce was the one to find it after hiking a few miles!
Welcome to new Member Doug McCombs! He talked about some growing pains learning to fly and had a big thank you to Jim Spaans, John Sandy, and Don Giles for the help out.
Dan Woods started a conversation about the Float Fly in Fort Benton and we all agreed it was a great success and had a great crowd. Steve Woodhouse mentioned there was an estimated 6000 people at the Summer Celebration and there were quite a few down at the river watching the action. We all agreed that a handout, similar to what we handed out at the parade, should be printed up for next year's event. We talked about Barry, our rescue boat driver, and how busy we kept him over the weekend. A motion was make by Bruce Hadella to give $75 to Barry for his help. Don Woods seconded and the motion carried. We also talked about the RC boats that the club members ran at the river, especially the fire boat that Don Giles ran. Don was trying a 4 cell battery and the ESC caught fire! We are going to have more video cameras next year to capture the action, hopefully be able to have a TV set up for spectators. A big THANK YOU goes out to the members who worked on the fence install, you know who you are! More thanks to Don Hungerford and Jim Spaans for the grounds keeping and some new carpet for a couple tables. Looks great guys!
New Business started with whether or not to have food at the Open House. It was decided not to and everyone was on their own but there would be water available from Dan and Don Woods. Steve Woodhouse said that he would be at the field on Friday night and have a barbeque lit for those that wanted to come out. Thanks Steve! John Sandy mentioned that he would be heading for breakfast on Saturday Morning and invited everyone to join. Dan Woods talked about adding some balloons to our sign on the highway to attract attention and maybe additional signage. We talked about possible games to play at the event; combat, toilet paper drop, and dropping parachutes were all mentioned.
The next subject talked about was our static display at the Air Show at MANG. John Sandy stated that he would like to see a lot of planes out there and Steve Woodhouse mentioned that his big trailer would work well to get members' aircraft there. Jim Spaans also volunteered the use of his enclosed car trailer. Thanks, Guys. Dan Woods suggested using the display from the parade float as a nice, neat way to show off some aircraft. We still aren't sure how much space we will have up there. Dan was going to try the Facebook promotion and see what happens. Don Woods brought up a news crew and Bruce Hadella said he had talked to them about our open house. The cards handed out at the parade were talked about: having some to hand out at the MANG show, making them a bit more generic thus more useful at any event, and mentioning our Tuesday Night Flights. Speaking of upcoming events; Helena is having a Float Fly on July 15th on Hauser lake, and there is also a Fun Fly at Libby that same day. Jim Spaans offered to call and make sure there will be a rescue boat in Helena as there was not one last year.
John Sandy stated that the Paradise Valley event, which was scheduled for August 11-13, had to be moved to the following weekend, which is our Scale Meet. John made a motion to move our event to September. Don Woods seconded the motion but it was voted down and will stay as scheduled. Finishing up new business, John Sandy suggested that we bring trainer planes and buddy box set ups for those that want to try their hand at flying at our Open House. Bruce Hadella brought a point of order that no non AMA member can fly his or her own models at our field. A couple of members/friends need some positive thoughts and prayers: Bob Fetch in ICU after by pass surgery. Doug Thames is doing better after his surgery, good to hear!
Meeting was adjourned and 8:44pm.


October 4, 2017

President Dan Woods called the meeting to order at 7 pm. with 13 members in attendance. Secretary, Chuck Woods, read the minutes from last monthsí meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrel Anderson was not in attendance due to work, so the Secretary also read the Treasurersí report, it was accepted as read.
There was some discussion about AMA membership renewal. Some memberships are for the calendar year and some start and stop on sign up date. If you are a calendar year member, you should have received you renewal notice so be sure to get it done. AMA memberships are required to fly at our field and at the Longfellow gym.
Also brought up was Flying at Leoís, that has been moved to Sunday, the 8th, rain or shine, John Sandy was asked to bring some wood for a fire.

New Business: John Sandy mentioned that the state meeting will be on November 4th, to discuss the events for the 2018 calendar. Dan Woods said that we are going to have our float fly on the river during the month of September next year instead of October to enjoy, hopefully, some warmer weather. This yearís event will be on October 14th. We are planning to BBQ some hotdogs and burgers. Dan Woods is to bring a canoe for disabled plane retrieval.

We also talked about getting ready for awards and the banquet and members should be thinking about nominees for the Most Improved Flyer trophy; the Hard Luck Crash trophy, and the Flyer of the Year. And donít forget nominees for Officers.

Runway maintenance was discussed; crack filling, maybe a seal coat, paint to identify the safety lines, etc. Dan Woods said he would get a Google Map photo, edit it to identify the lines, and send it out to members and post it on our Facebook page.

We also talked about getting the sheds and tables all painted.
The Club was donated 3 planes, they are in our Presidentís garage, we talked about raffling them at our Banquet and one for a door prize or meeting attendance prize. Also, we are going to do the gift exchange again, this year. Around the 20 dollar or less mark.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 and drone racing commenced!!!!