Big Sky RC Modelers Monthly Minutes 2018
Winter Club meetings 1st Wednesday of the Month, at the Longfellow School Gym, starting at 7 PM. Big Sky Radio Control Modelers became an AMA chartered club over 40 years ago. The club had 34 members in 2017. Their ages range from 8 years to 75 years of age. We are a typical cross section of America with one common bond and that is radio control helicopters, quads and airplanes.
March 14th, 2018

The meeting was brought to order at 7:05 at the Longfellow School Gym by President Dan Woods with 14 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the February meeting, and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurerís report, it was also accepted as read. Old Business: Dan Woods confirmed that the Celtic Cowboy is booked for our annual banquet on December 8th from 1 to 4 pm. Dan also mentioned that the $100 sponsorship for his daughterís soccer has been paid to the team. We started discussing upcoming events, starting with the Quad event and realized we had it scheduled on Memorial Day Weekend. It is now on the schedule for June 2nd, and the committee needs to get together to get things organized. Dave Harris asked about the wind sock and we agreed that May 1st would be a good time to get it back up. New Business: Darrel Anderson suggested to identify club members that are quad pilots in the data base. Darrel also told the group that we had some old members still able to sign club checks at that that should be removed from the list. Bruce Hadella brought up our indoor flying and when would be the last day. We agreed to fly through the end of April. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40. Thanks to all that attended!

February 7, 2018
President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 pm at the Longfellow School gym with 14 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the January meeting and they were accepted as read.
Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurersí Report and it was accepted as read. He also mentioned the IRS will need a form filed to show the club as a ďnot for profit organizationĒ. Also, the check written to Justin Wolf back in September, has not been cashed. Doug McCombs paid his dues at the meeting for the 2018 calendar year. We welcomed new member, John Dees, to the club!
Old Business: Bruce Hadella had some information about Don Hungerford, who had been in the hospital. Don had to have a heart valve replaced, he is home now and doing better.
Dan Woods told the group that he had called the Celtic Cowboy to schedule our annual banquet, left a message but had not received a call back. He will follow up ASAP.
Dan also mentioned all the extra shirts have been sold but there are still hats available.
We then started to talk about our Quad Event. Dave Gross suggested that we form a committee to organize the event. After some discussion, Dave made a motion to form the committee, John Sandy seconded, and the motion carried. Dan Woods, Chuck Woods, Bruce Hadella, and Don Hungerford will be on the committee, and anyone else who is interested. We talked some more about the courses, and whether gates and pylons should be purchased or built, etc. Chuck Woods stated that he had talked with a person in Missoula, and that there is some interest in quad racing there also. Bruce Hadella said there was also a group in Bozeman. These may be sources for information to put on such an event. Darrell Anderson suggested we may try a Quad Event somewhere in the city limits to try and draw more of a crowd.
New Business: Dan Woods asked the members if Big Sky RC Modelers would be interested in sponsoring his daughterís soccer team. It would cost the club $100 to help the team with uniforms. The BSRCM logo would go on each shirt. Don Woods offered to pay the $100 himself, thanks Don! There was some more discussion, Bruce Hadella suggested that the soccer team come out to the field and do some buddy box flying with the members. Everyone thought that was a great idea. John Sandy made the motion to sponsor the team, Dave Gross seconded and the motion carried. Dan will send out and post the soccer schedule so if anyone who wanted to, could catch a game. Great cause, thank you to the members!!
Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. Thanks to all the members that attended.

January 3rd, 2018
President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the Longfellow School Gym with 13 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the December minutes, and they were accepted as read. Dan Woods read the Treasurerís Report, and it was also accepted as read. Old business started with the wind sock and the awnings. John Sandy and Dave Harris said they had gone out to the field and picked them up and they are safely stored at Johnís house. Thanks, guys! We also talked about the banquet and how well it went. Dave Harris asked about having it at the Celtic Cowboy again and whether the banquet style menu would be ok with everyone. The members agreed that it would be fine. We did discuss some different locations and will be keeping that option open, but for now it was agreed that we get the banquet room booked at the Celtic Cowboy. Steve Woodhouse made the motion, Jim Johnson seconded, and the motion carried. We also agreed to have the Banquet in the afternoon this year, so it will be booked on December 8th, starting at 1pm. Dan Woods said he would take care of the reservation. The pilot lines at the field were talked about again and we agreed to black out the center line and make it more evident as to where the pilots are to stand while flying so each one can have good visibility and not be crowding. New Business: Dan Woods purchased some hats and shirts with the club logo on them. Some were given away for prizes at the Banquet and some are still for sale. Dan asked if the club wanted to reimburse him for this purchase. Treasurer Darrel Anderson made a motion to pay for the extra hats and shirts, Dave Gross seconded and the motion carried. John Sandy purchased a shirt at the meeting and Steve Woodhouse bought one at the Banquet. Thanks guys! Continuing with some new business, Bruce Hadella brought up our new event this year, the Quad Event. He had some ideas for the courses, lap timing and counting, and having time trials to get racers qualified with other racers of similar skills; excellent ideas! John Sandy brought up the fact that quads are very difficult to see and follow by a spotter. We talked about where exactly the courses would be set up. Darrel Anderson brought up spectator sections and the safety concerns that go with all of it. AMA membership will be necessary for all participants. There were lots of ideas talked about and much more discussion and planning will be necessary as this is a new event for our club. The indoor flying fees and insurance costs were discussed. As of now, the members that come out to fly on Wednesday nights are paying for the school gym rental and the club is covering the fee for the extra insurance. After some discussion, it was agreed to leave it as it is, as the club covers the cost for our insurance at the field.
The meeting was adjourned around 8 pm and we did some more flying. Thanks to all that attended the meeting!

April 4, 2018 The meeting was brought to order at 7 p.m. at Longfellow School Gym by President Dan Woods with 12 members in attendance. The minutes from the March meeting were read by Secretary Chuck Woods. They were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurerís Report, it was also accepted as read. Darrel also told the group that the land lease and the insurance for the field and Longfellow School were paid up.

Old Business: Dan Woods has gotten the Celtic Cowboy booked for our annual Banquet. We discussed other options, the menu and prices at the Celtic, but we all agreed that the Celtic was the best choice.
Dan Woods had paid $100 to get the shirts for his daughterís soccer team, so Darrel reimbursed him with a check. Dan said he had talked to the parents about coming out to our field for some flying and they were quite interested. Dan also said he would email our members the soccer schedule, so we could go watch a game.
New Business: John Sandy announced that Keithís Country Store will no longer be selling glow fuel.
Dan Woods has been working on a track design for our Quad event and had a draft printed out to show the group. The track will be mowed into the grass on the east end of the parking lot. There was some more discussion about track layout and pilot locations. Bruce Hadella suggested that each FPV pilot have a spotter. More to come.
Dave Harris started a talk about our First Aid kit at the field and itís need for an update. We talked about getting a list of supplies necessary and making sure we have everything we need in case of an incident. Dan Woods had a great idea of putting together a traveling First Aid Kit in a duffel bag to take to events away from our home field. He said he would research it. Dave mentioned that a clotting product would be a good addition to both kits.
Still about safety, Darrel Anderson brought up our fire extinguisher at the field and said we need to get it updated. We also talked about pilots of gasoline planes needing to have their own extinguisher when flying at the field.
Darrel mentioned that we need to get some toilet paper for the field bathrooms. He said he would pick some up and get a plastic tote to store it in.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:51. Thank you to all that attended.