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Big Sky Thunderbirds - Missoula
Billings Flying Mustangs - Billings MT
Gallatin Eagles - Bozeman MT
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Helena Flying Tigers - Helena. MT
Great Falls Flying Event Calendar 2018
June 2– Quadcopter Event (FPV and Pylon line of sight racing)
June 23-24 – Fort Benton Float Fly
July 6-8 – Open House/Fun Fly
July 21 – GF Float Fly
August 25 – Scale Fun Fly
September 8 – Quadcopter Event (FPV and line of sight racing)
October 6 – Power Fun Fly (Leo’s)?
Below is the section on Flying from the club rules. We only need to make a couple minor changes to help clarify the pilot lines.

  1. 40 FLYING

1) All pilots shall, when flying, separate themselves by 10ft (DELETE to reduce the possibility of swamping frequencies) to maintain clear vision of runway.

  2) Pilots shall stand behind the pilot line. A maximum of four aircraft are allowed in the air at one time. Pilots shall wait for a flying spot before placing their aircraft on the Taxiway in preparation for flight.

  3) When a flight is completed, the pilot shall vacate their spot as soon as possible to make way for waiting pilots.

  4) Launches of scale or unstable ground handling aircraft may be done on the runway, with the pilot and/or his helper standing behind the aircraft, provided that other flyers are in agreement and that the pilot and/or his helper immediately return to the pilot line after launch.

  5) The north 25 feet of the edge of the runway (the near edge) is designated as taxi area (DELETE beyond the double line) (between the lines). All taxiing should be confined to the taxi area and takeoffs and landings in the taxi area shall be avoided.

  6) Hovering helicopters and aircraft, and fast low level passes down the runway are only allowed when the operating pilot is the only person flying.

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