Big Sky RC Modelers Monthly Minutes 2017
Winter Club meetings 1st Wednesday of the Month, at the Longfellow School Gym, starting at 7 PM. Big Sky Radio Control Modelers became an AMA chartered club over 40 years ago. The club had 34 members in 2017. Their ages range from 8 years to 75 years of age. We are a typical cross section of America with one common bond and that is radio control helicopters, quads and airplanes.
January 3rd, 2018
President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:02 pm at the Longfellow School Gym with 13 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the December minutes, and they were accepted as read. Dan Woods read the Treasurer’s Report, and it was also accepted as read. Old business started with the wind sock and the awnings. John Sandy and Dave Harris said they had gone out to the field and picked them up and they are safely stored at John’s house. Thanks, guys! We also talked about the banquet and how well it went. Dave Harris asked about having it at the Celtic Cowboy again and whether the banquet style menu would be ok with everyone. The members agreed that it would be fine. We did discuss some different locations and will be keeping that option open, but for now it was agreed that we get the banquet room booked at the Celtic Cowboy. Steve Woodhouse made the motion, Jim Johnson seconded, and the motion carried. We also agreed to have the Banquet in the afternoon this year, so it will be booked on December 8th, starting at 1pm. Dan Woods said he would take care of the reservation. The pilot lines at the field were talked about again and we agreed to black out the center line and make it more evident as to where the pilots are to stand while flying so each one can have good visibility and not be crowding. New Business: Dan Woods purchased some hats and shirts with the club logo on them. Some were given away for prizes at the Banquet and some are still for sale. Dan asked if the club wanted to reimburse him for this purchase. Treasurer Darrel Anderson made a motion to pay for the extra hats and shirts, Dave Gross seconded and the motion carried. John Sandy purchased a shirt at the meeting and Steve Woodhouse bought one at the Banquet. Thanks guys! Continuing with some new business, Bruce Hadella brought up our new event this year, the Quad Event. He had some ideas for the courses, lap timing and counting, and having time trials to get racers qualified with other racers of similar skills; excellent ideas! John Sandy brought up the fact that quads are very difficult to see and follow by a spotter. We talked about where exactly the courses would be set up. Darrel Anderson brought up spectator sections and the safety concerns that go with all of it. AMA membership will be necessary for all participants. There were lots of ideas talked about and much more discussion and planning will be necessary as this is a new event for our club. The indoor flying fees and insurance costs were discussed. As of now, the members that come out to fly on Wednesday nights are paying for the school gym rental and the club is covering the fee for the extra insurance. After some discussion, it was agreed to leave it as it is, as the club covers the cost for our insurance at the field.
The meeting was adjourned around 8 pm and we did some more flying. Thanks to all that attended the meeting!

December 6, 2017

President Dan Woods was unable to attend the meeting due to work obligations, so Vice President, Steve Woodhouse brought the meeting to order at 7pm at the Longfellow school gym, with 12 members in attendance. Secretary, Chuck Woods read the minutes from the November meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s report, it was also accepted at read. Old Business: The wind sock was discussed, and John Sandy and Dave Harris volunteered to go out to the field and get it down for the winter. Don Woods volunteered to store our awnings so the mice don’t get to them, and Dave and John said they would get those out of the shed. Thanks Guys!! Bruce Hadella mentioned that RC pilots will probably have to register with the FAA again. There was some discussion about this, more and more folks able to purchase drones and then flying them where they shouldn’t, and posting the videos on YouTube. Dave Harris told the group that he had got the plagues and trophies done for our banquet, thanks Dave! Dave also had some discussion with the folks at the Celtic Cowboy and this maybe the last year that they allow us to order from the menu as it is better for them if we were to do a banquet style menu. John Sandy went to the “all Club” meeting in Helena to set up the 2018 calendar, thanks John. John was the only one there not from Helena, but was able to get our event dates secured.
2018 Flying Events

May 26 – Quadcopter Event (FPV and line of sight racing)
June 23-24 – Fort Benton Float Fly
July 6-8 – Open House/Fun Fly
July 21 – GF Float Fly
August 25 – Scale Fun Fly
September 8 – Quadcopter Event (FPV and line of sight racing)
October 6 – Power Fun Fly (Leo’s)?

New Business: Since we didn’t have much for prizes at this years’ banquet, Dan Woods asked that a motion be made to spend $100 on some Club shirts and hats. Bruce Hadella seconded and the motion carried. The center pieces, usually a plant of some kind, are given to the ladies at the end of the night. Janice Woodhouse had a great idea of giving candles this year. A dollar amount was discussed, and Dave Grosse made a motion to spend $75 to $100 on candles, Chuck Woods seconded, and the motion carried. Steve Woodhouse and John Sandy volunteered to go and pick some out. Thanks Guys! John Sandy told the group that the Havre club is having a get together on December 14th at 4 pm at Guadalajara’s restaurant in Havre…good Mexican food! John also mentioned that the Bozeman club will be have their first event on Monday, January 1st and that it’s a great place to fly.
We then talked about the banquet some more. Whether or not to bring some planes for display, the gift exchange, and the infamous wine bottle gift were the topics. John Sandy said he would bring some rubber band powered plane kits to give to any children that came to the banquet, thanks John, nice touch! Officer Elections were talked about next. Don Woods nominated Dan Woods for President. Bruce Hadella made a motion to keep the 2017 officers for 2018, Gary Denning seconded, and the motion carried.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:45. Thank you to all that attended!

November 1, 2017 President, Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 pm at Longfellow School gym, with 11 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the October meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrell Anderson, read the treasurer’s report, it was also accepted as read. Old Business was started with a discussion about the Field of the Month event at Leo Somerfeld’s. There was 12 to 15 people there and a couple guys from Havre showed up to brave the cold weather. We also talked about the weather being the reason we had to cancel our Float Fly this year. We had more discussion about the pilot lines at our field and their meaning. It was determined that we only need two lines and the middle one will probably be blacked out. John Sandy mentioned the “all club” meeting was planned for November 4th at 11 am., which started a discussion about our calendar for 2018. The Open House is planned to be a Friday and Saturday camping event, with some club competition on Sunday the weekend of July 6, 7, 8th. Bruce Hadella stated that hopefully we could get the media there on Saturday, when there is more going on. John Sandy brought up an idea for a spring camping event at Leo’s, more to come. Dan Woods had the calendar out and we may have our Float Fly on Saturday, July 21st instead of our usual month of October. Also, Bruce Hadella had a great idea to have a Quad event or two, perhaps one in May and one in September. Line of sight pylon racing, a FPV race course, and an obstacle course, where talked about for these events, more to come. Dan Woods stated that our annual banquet was set to go at the Celtic Cowboy. Dan had to put up his credit card to secure the space in the basement. Thanks, Dan. Dan has some special things planned. He will have his flight simulator set up and is planning a slide show of the happenings in 2017. Dan also told us to get our nominations in for our club trophies; Hard Luck, Flyer of the Year, and Most Improved Flyer. New Business: John Sandy mentioned that we need to take our new wind sock down for the winter and Don Woods asked about our EZ up shades and getting them out of the shed to keep the mice from destroying them. Treasurer and AMA specialist, Darrell Anderson stated that the AMA is going to start requiring that clubs have a Leader Member for the AMA. This person will have a direct contact with the AMA and be able to keep up with current goings on. Thanks to all the members that attended! Meeting was adjourned at 7:51

October 4, 2017 President Dan Woods called the meeting to order at 7 pm. with 13 members in attendance. Secretary, Chuck Woods, read the minutes from last months’ meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrel Anderson was not in attendance due to work, so the Secretary also read the Treasurers’ report, it was accepted as read. There was some discussion about AMA membership renewal. Some memberships are for the calendar year and some start and stop on sign up date. If you are a calendar year member, you should have received you renewal notice so be sure to get it done. AMA memberships are required to fly at our field and at the Longfellow gym. Also brought up was Flying at Leo’s, that has been moved to Sunday, the 8th, rain or shine, John Sandy was asked to bring some wood for a fire. New Business: John Sandy mentioned that the state meeting will be on November 4th, to discuss the events for the 2018 calendar. Dan Woods said that we are going to have our float fly on the river during the month of September next year instead of October to enjoy, hopefully, some warmer weather. This year’s event will be on October 14th. We are planning to BBQ some hotdogs and burgers. Dan Woods is to bring a canoe for disabled plane retrieval.We also talked about getting ready for awards and the banquet and members should be thinking about nominees for the Most Improved Flyer trophy; the Hard Luck Crash trophy, and the Flyer of the Year. And don’t forget nominees for Officers. Runway maintenance was discussed; crack filling, maybe a seal coat, paint to identify the safety lines, etc. Dan Woods said he would get a Google Map photo, edit it to identify the lines, and send it out to members and post it on our Facebook page.We also talked about getting the sheds and tables all painted.The Club was donated 3 planes, they are in our President’s garage, we talked about raffling them at our Banquet and one for a door prize or meeting attendance prize. Also, we are going to do the gift exchange again, this year. Around the 20 dollar or less mark.Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 and drone racing commenced!!!!

September 6, 2017 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:05 With 9 members and one guest/future member, Todd Glace, in attendance. Welcome Todd! Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the August meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrell Anderson was not available due to work, so the Treasurer's report was also read by the Secretary, and it was accepted as read . Dan Woods went through the list of un-renewed members to see if anyone thought they needed some prodding to sign up.

Old Business: We had a small discussion about the MANG static display and what a success it was. The Scale Meet was also talked about. We had a good turnout of both flyers and visitors. The burgers and hotdogs were a hit. Jim Spaans mentioned the talk he had with the Health Department, and the "training" they mentioned about food service, was just a suggestion, not a requirement. Drone/multi-rotor flying has become more popular with our membership and some rules have been put in place at the field, so Don Hungerford has created another spot to fly and the East end of our field. Thank You, Don!

Also, the rules about vehicles on the south side of the fence was brought up. If you have not read it, check out the article on the subject, written by Web Master, Bruce Hadella, in last month's newsletter.
New Business: Dave Harris was not able to attend the meeting but called in to update us on the Banquet. He asked if we wanted an ala carte menu or a banquet style menu with a choice of 3 items. We voted for the ala carte and to have our own bar tender, just as we did last year. It will be on December 9th, with drinks and lies at 6:30, and dinner starting around 7. Mark your calendar!
Flying at Leo's and been moved to Sunday, October 8th, with lunch at Les' in Power. John Sandy brought up that our Vice President, Steve Woodhouse would be driving to the Meet in Kalispell on Saturday, September 9th, just up and back, if anyone wanted to ride up there with him. Quick calendar for September: Kalispell the 9th; Bozeman the 23rd, Fly and Swap meet. We talked briefly about an impromptu float fly for our club, at either the river or Wadsworth, more to come. Also, with the seasons changing and the shorter days, we are going to start up the indoor flying at Longfellow school again this year. It costs the club $20 a night, so participation usually is around $3 to fly. More to come. President Dan Woods found an excellent bargain on a used propane, 8 burner grill. $100 Don Woods made a motion to purchase the grill for the club. Jim Spaans seconded and everyone in attendance approved. So the club has a new grill! Much safer and convenient for the chefs! Thanks Dan!! John Sandy asked of Justin Wolf had ever been paid the $75 for the help with the fence. It was not in the treasurers' report so Dan was going to check with Darrell. Jim Spaans brought up the lock for our gate and the trouble members have been having with it. There was some discussion then Jim made a motion to purchase a new combo lock, Chuck Woods seconded and the motion carried. Dan Woods will send out an email to Darrell to go ahead and get us a new one.
This was the last meeting for the year for Jim Spaans, he's getting ready to head south for the winter, so he brought back the "Flyer of the Year" trophy that adorned his mantel in 2017. Thank you Jim!!
Meeting was adjourned at 7:56


February 7, 2018
President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 pm at the Longfellow School gym with 14 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the January meeting and they were accepted as read.
Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurers’ Report and it was accepted as read. He also mentioned the IRS will need a form filed to show the club as a “not for profit organization”. Also, the check written to Justin Wolf back in September, has not been cashed. Doug McCombs paid his dues at the meeting for the 2018 calendar year.
We welcomed new member, John Dees, to the club!

Old Business: Bruce Hadella had some information about Don Hungerford, who had been in the hospital. Don had to have a heart valve replaced, he is home now and doing better.

Dan Woods told the group that he had called the Celtic Cowboy to schedule our annual banquet, left a message but had not received a call back. He will follow up ASAP.
Dan also mentioned all the extra shirts have been sold but there are still hats available.
We then started to talk about our Quad Event. Dave Gross suggested that we form a committee to organize the event. After some discussion, Dave made a motion to form the committee, John Sandy seconded, and the motion carried. Dan Woods, Chuck Woods, Bruce Hadella, and Don Hungerford will be on the committee, and anyone else who is interested. We talked some more about the courses, and whether gates and pylons should be purchased or built, etc. Chuck Woods stated that he had talked with a person in Missoula, and that there is some interest in quad racing there also. Bruce Hadella said there was also a group in Bozeman. These may be sources for information to put on such an event. Darrell Anderson suggested we may try a Quad Event somewhere in the city limits to try and draw more of a crowd.

New Business: Dan Woods asked the members if Big Sky RC Modelers would be interested in sponsoring his daughter’s soccer team. It would cost the club $100 to help the team with uniforms. The BSRCM logo would go on each shirt. Don Woods offered to pay the $100 himself, thanks Don! There was some more discussion, Bruce Hadella suggested that the soccer team come out to the field and do some buddy box flying with the members. Everyone thought that was a great idea. John Sandy made the motion to sponsor the team, Dave Gross seconded and the motion carried. Dan will send out and post the soccer schedule so if anyone who wanted to, could catch a game. Great cause, thank you to the members!!

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm. Thanks to all the members that attended.