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July 2018
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Pictured above is Dave Harris (left) assisting Steve Woodhouse in starting his 1/3 scale Edge aerobatic gas powered plane. We sometimes have the worst luck in scheduling events. This year we scheduled our Open House to start on a Friday night and continue on Saturday. It was nice and windy both days. Then on Sunday, a perfect day. This happened last month when we scheduled a weekend Float Fly which was held at Wadworth Park. It was kind of windy, but on Sunday and Monday, calm as heck. But, we schedule this events 6 months in advance, so we can really complain to Mother Nature.

Back to Steve, he put on some nice flying demos. One time he was flying slowly over the field with flaps on, and the aircraft was actually flying backwards for a few minutes. Kind of cool. We had a pretty good show of Club members and we had several guests come out both days at different times. Most of the time, one of our members welcomed the guests and visited with them about the hobby. Dan Woods even took out several younger kids and put the on the buddy cord, to let them experience the flying sensation. Some of our members came out to just support the event and didn't fly, most did. I was kind of disappointed that some members didn't show up at all. This is the one event I wish all club members would support. We had a guest from Missoula, and three or four guys from the Helena Club. Not sure if the Helena guys flew, don't think they liked out 15 mph winds, but we appreciate them showing up and supporting our club. I didn't write down the names of the guys that attended, but you know who you are, we thank you. Hope you had fun.

Dave Harris and Dan Woods hooked up the Club's new grill in front of Dan's trailer, and it worked great. Its a big unit and sure worked better than those small family BBQ grills. We charged $5 for lunch, and most likely we just broke even. It's hard to make any money on cook outs, but they are sure handy. We put up shades, which sure came in handy when we ate lunch. Some folks just sat in the stands, in the sun, and enjoyed the flights. Maybe the heat doesn't bother younger people. Some of the best visits with eachother was a noon.

It was nice seeing Darrell Anderson out to the field, one week after having a double bypass operation on his heart. Doug had one mishap on his foamy trainer. Other than that, all the flying was mostly accident free. No big problems, everybody just was careful during landings, it worked out just fine. Many of the flyers put on some good demos for the folks watching. My favorite part of these events is getting to visit with fellow members I don't get spend enough time with. Go to the Pictures Link on the main page or towards the bottom of this page to take you to the pictures area, where more Open House pics are uploaded. Thanks to everyone for flying at the event etc.
Here are just a few of the pictures of our Club's Float that was in the July 4th parade. Thanks to all those who helped make this float a masterpiece, and especially to Don Woods, as most of the warbirds were his, and to Dan for designing the float. Well done to everyone who helped.
Float Fly at Wadsworth Park
By John Sandy
Hello sports fans, on June 23-24 Big Sky R/C Modelers was scheduled to fly in Ft Benton on the Missouri River but were unable because of high, fast water with floating trees and other garbage. Because there was an interest to fly off water it was decided to move the event to Wadsworth Lake, where we flew both days! The event was attended by 13 club members, with a fair amount of flying considering the breezy conditions, with wind and rain on Sunday! Those in attendance were Leo Somerfeld, Darrell Anderson, Bruce Hadella, Dave and Oliver Grosse, Don, Dan and Chuck Woods, John Dees, Don Hungerford, Jim Johnson, Jim Spaans and myself The wind was doing it's usual routine, calming down then gusting back up and changing directions, but I did notice around 5:00 p.m. there was no breeze. The sun came out, calm conditions and we had already left the lake for the day! Go figure! There were some high points during the event, Dave Grosse, assisted by Darrell Anderson flew his Goldberg "Eagle 63" on floats for the first time, it was a successful! the Eagle 63 is the predecessor to the "Eagle II" which is still available in kit form! President Dan Woods made the first flight on his Jetco "Navigator" that he converted to electric! I believe that Jetco went out of business back in the 1960's or 1970's but while in business they engineered some fantastic designs! The "Navigator" is basically a powered sail/seaplane that flies quite slow and was surprisingly maneuverable for a 3 channel plane in windy conditions. Dan has the plans so if interested give him a call to have duplicates made! The interesting thing is the plane was built about 30-40 years ago by the father of a gentlemen I met last year at the Paradise Valley fly-in. It's cool that Dan was able to get it flying again and I plan on letting the gent know that his dad's plane is where its supposed to be, in the air, when I attend the next Paradise Valley fly-in! Also in attendance was John Dee's son (I didn't get name) and Dave's wife and kids April, Piper and Quiggly! Regarding Wadsworth Lake, a number of folks really liked the location and theres a possibility our next float fly will be held there! Before closing I'd like to thank some folks for their part in making the event a success, under less than desirable conditions; Dan Woods for providing a chase canoe on Saturday and Dave Grosse who provided a canoe on Sunday. And last, but not lest a "thank you" to Dave's wife, April, for providing a fresh baked apple/cinnamon cake that really hit the spot! And it was still warm! See you at the field!
Hi guys, this note was sent from Ron Ramer from Missoula, as you know they lost their field a while back and a few of them joined the Victor, MT club. Ron said between a barbed wire fence on one end of the runway and trees in the over-fly area there are plenty of things to hit! We have to contend with facing the sun sometimes but at least we don't have an obstacle course to fly through, nothing to hit but the ground! All things considered we are extremely lucky to have a field such as ours, so enjoy, but play nice! Above Ron's F8F, powered by a Saito, 3 cylinder 4 stroke sounds too good! I'd love to see it fly and hear it!
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