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AIR SCOOP Newsletter September 2018
Picture taken above the RC Field on Black Horse Lake at our Annual RC Scale Fly In on August 25th. Nice weather including mild SW winds greeted the flyers at this event. This event is the the second biggest event of the year for the Big Sky RC Modelers Club. Our biggest event is the Open House, which follows the July 4th parade and received more press than the Scale event. But almost every bench was full, think about 15 flyers participated. Mostly Great Falls Club members, but we had our of town flyers from Havre, Missoula, Helena
and Bozeman. There were a couple of mishaps, but most flying was accident free. It was a nice get together for all that attended. The Wood brothers fired up the propane stove and made lunch for all the flyers and guests and Dave Harris assisted. We had a couple non scale planes flying but for the most part it was a scale event, small airplanes which represent their full scale counterpart. You can notice that John Sandy recently mowed the lawn and we had a lot of cut grass just off the runway for planes that rolled off the runway, mostly on landings. Thanks to all the folks who attended this event. This Editor had fun.

Hello guys, on 18 August, I attended the "fly-in" in Victor, MT and I had a most enjoyable time! I heard that some Missoula members transferred to the Victor club and I wanted to see their facilities, meet some new folks and burn up some glo fuel! All items were accomplished, I meet some new folks, made some new friends, checked out their facilities and burned a respectable amount of 5%! First their facilities, they do have a woven mat runway thats about 300 feet long but most folks were flying off a mowed grass runway that was suitable for most planes except turbine or ducted fans. The mat runway was somewhat worn but was still usable for "foamies"! You should disregard what you heard about the obstructions surrounding the runway, they are there but there was plenty of maneuvering airspace! That said, you do have to avoid the barbed wire fence on landing from the south, pine trees on take-off to the north and aspen trees in the overfly area! Sounds wonderful don't it! Actually anyone with average flying abilities shouldn't have any problems! Second, meeting and flying with new acquaintances, everyone was very friendly and outgoing, and I throughly enjoyed talking to a gentlemen from Washington state who built some "work's of art" that had an amazing amount of detail! Item number three, I only flew one plane, my Schneider Sport 60 which lands quite fast but was not an issue! There was one problem that I observed, their flight-line is too long, it was difficult to communicate from one end to the other! At issue was declaring a landing, dead-stick situation, starting take-off etc. I almost had a head-on, mid-air collision after declaring a landing and almost had a conflict of airspace with a trainer making a down wind take-off! If their flight-line was shorter, by about half I don't believe communication problems would be an issue! In the future I will try to get a space toward the center of the flight-line, hopefully I'll hear declarations or warnings! For those thinking about "camping out" they do have some spaces but you would want to get there early! Additionally, for those who bring their spouses or lady friends there are a number of small towns in the area with some shopping, antique stores, etc., for those bored with airplanes and restaurants for those who don't cook! Also Missoula is only about 35 miles away! If you attend an event you would want to have on hand a shade system, chairs, water and anything else required for a day or two of fun in the sun! For those thinking about attending their events next summer I would highly recommend attending, I believe you would enjoy the visit! For info you could call Ron Ramer at 273-1714!

By John Sandy
Victor Fly In Report
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