Big Sky RC Modelers Monthly Minutes 2018

August 8, 2018 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:10 pm at the 10th Ave So Hardees with 9 members in attendance. There was no July meeting so the minutes from the June meeting were read by Secretary Chuck Woods and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the treasurer’s report, it was also accepted at read. Dan Woods had $156 of receipts for supplies purchased for the July 4th parade float, a first aid kit for the club, and all of the food and drinks for our Open House event. Darrell also mentioned that August 11th was AMA Model Aviation Day and we should get out and fly. Old Business: John Sandy asked about the parade float and whether or not it had placed in the judging. Dan Woods said he had not seen anything yet. Having the float in the parade and handing out the flyers definitely did bring out some spectators to our event. Dan Woods talked about this year’s float and felt we need to do something different for next year. Bruce Hadella thanked Don Woods for the use of his collection of war birds to use on the float. Bruce also thanked John Sandy and Don Hungerford for their work at the field. Thanks to all! Darrell Anderson, who was unable to make it to our float fly on the river, asked about how it all went. John Sandy thought we were too spread out along the river to attract much attention. The weather, however, was perfect, and we did have quite a few flyers. Don Woods brought up our visit from the Great Falls Police Department! Evidently, a concerned citizen called in and wanted to know if we had “permission” from the FAA to fly. We, of course, had made the call to the control tower before we ever started flying, but all we had to do is let them know, not get “permission”. We talked about some safety items for our field; fire extinguishers and the first aid kit and how to store it. Dan Woods said he would purchase a new fire extinguisher or two and perhaps a tote for the first aid kit. John Sandy said he may have a tool box that would work and would check on it. Some discussion was had about our low membership numbers and what we could do to boost them. We talked about some special events including some racing and combat, more to come. Dave Gross has a couple folks interested in flying. Thanks Dave and good luck! New Business discussion was started with some upcoming events. August 11 and 12, the club from Missoula is have a Fly-in in Victor Montana. The Paradise Valley event will be August 17,18, and 19. Our scale event will be happening on August 25th. We talked about having the burgers and hotdogs with chips and a drink for $5. John Sandy set up breakfast at the Missouri River Diner at 7am and our event will start at 8. Bruce Hadella asked about our American flag and thought it should be flying at our events. We all agreed. Meeting was adjourned at 8:02pm.

June 6th, President Dan Woods called the Meeting to order at 7:10 pm in the Conference Room of the 10th Ave. South Hardees location with 10 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods was out of town on business, so Dan read the Minutes from the May Meeting. Bruce H volunteered to take the Minutes for this meeting. Darrell Anderson read the Treasure's Report, both Darrell's and Chuck's report were approved as read with no changes. Old Business: Bruce H had some questions on last month's discussion on a metal shipping container. Expense was a factor. It was mentioned about the bad mouse problem with our current sheds. Bruce H suggested we use more mouse killer in shacks, but Don Woods added, the dead would still have to be removed. The subject was tabled. Dan Woods gave a short report on the Quad meet on June 2. He said it was a very windy day, at least 20 mph winds with gusts up to 30. Maybe about 10 Club members came out to support and fly at the meet but most decided was too windy. Two nice guys from Helena came over to fly. Both were very good fpv pilots. Dan and the two Helena guys flew the course and some free style flying. There were some wrecks on the racetrack, but none serious. New Business: Dan showed off a nice First Aid kit which had more bandages etc than med's to be used at the Field, and even portable enough to be taken to out of town events. Motion was made to purchase the kit for $75, motion passed. There was a discussion about the Field fire extinguisher, most guys thought it was out of date. Jim Spaans volunteered to give the Club an extinguisher. It was also the consensus of the membership to buy another one, that two could be used for traveling to out of town events. It was announced that we have a Fly In at the Geraldine Airport next Saturday, June 16; and the Fort Benton Float Fly is the following weekend June 23-24. Darrell brought up the subject that when ever we fly within 5 miles from an airport we need to call the control tower and advise them of our activities. This applies to fixed wing and quadcopters. We are assuming that Steve Woodlouse will notify the Fort Benton Airport. Our next scheduled meeting is set for July 4th, which would be a bad day for a meeting. So it was agreed upon that the July meeting would be held at Dan Woods house on June 27 at 7 pm, (1401 34th Street So). With the meeting, members can help build up the Club's float to be used in the July 4th parade. Dan said this year's theme is America. It was decided that the float would be mostly built with war birds honoring out various military branches during the wars. There was some discussion about maybe inviting the press out a week early to air our flying before or the same weekend of the event. This years Open House event will be held Saturday evening and Saturday, July 6-7. There is no activity scheduled for July 8 except for some open flying for members. Dan ordered about a dozen Club polo shirts at $25 each, if you want one, get a hold of Dan Woods asap. Steve is ordering some nitro fuel, the order is probably already sent in. But it was thought that he might of ordered an extra case or two. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Minutes by Bruce H

May 2, 2018 The meeting was brought to order at 7:02 p.m. at Hardee’s by President Dan Woods with 9 members in attendance. The minutes from the April meeting were read by Dan Woods. They were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s Report, it was also accepted as read. Old Business: Darrel said he had not purchased the toilet paper or storage container but would. Dan checked out the first aid kit and fire extinguisher on Friday when he was at the field. The first aid kit contains a lot of out dated items and a lot of items not necessary to have at the field (cough drops, cold tablets, tummy tabs, etc.). It was decided the replacement supplies needed to be more trauma related to provide the best care for the injuries that might be expected. Dan said he looked into a trauma type portable first aid kit and found one for around $80 but would do more research. The also said the fire extinguisher appeared to be still charged but needed to be replaced as it had not been serviced for several years. John mentioned again that Keith’s Country Store would no longer be selling glow fuel and we could possibly get a gallon or two from the Helena club or we could put in an order ourselves and would get a better deal if we ordered 8 cases or more. Steve Woodhouse said Eric Spidel from St. Ignatius was putting in a fuel order and we could add on. Several people were interested and the fuel order was sent to Eric and Steve will let people know when it is in. New Business: Steve Woodhouse talked about Geraldine Fun Days and that they would like us to fly there again. The date is June 16th and we will fly off the runway. They said we could fly on main street but Steve advised against that idea due to safety. They would also like us to come fly for the School Class Reunion July 5-7, 2019 and Dan Woods said it would likely conflict with our open house. The open house would likely be the weekend following the 4th of July parade which is on a Thursday but would only conflict if we were doing a float and handing out flyers again. John and Dave put up and greased the wind sock, thanks guys. John mentioned the sheds are full of mice again and if anyone plans on mowing they should inspect the mowers for nests before firing them up. There was some discussion of the possibility of purchasing a 20’ shipping container which would be more mouse proof and then we could sell or dispose of the existing sheds. Steve had some information that a 53’ container costs around $4,000 but we do not need one that big. There will be more discussion on the topic and we need to find out how that would affect our taxes. Meeting was adjourned at 7:42. Thank you to all that attended.

April 4, 2018 The meeting was brought to order at 7 p.m. at Longfellow School Gym by President Dan Woods with 12 members in attendance. The minutes from the March meeting were read by Secretary Chuck Woods. They were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s Report, it was also accepted as read. Darrel also told the group that the land lease and the insurance for the field and Longfellow School were paid up. Old Business: Dan Woods has gotten the Celtic Cowboy booked for our annual Banquet. We discussed other options, the menu and prices at the Celtic, but we all agreed that the Celtic was the best choice. Dan Woods had paid $100 to get the shirts for his daughter’s soccer team, so Darrel reimbursed him with a check. Dan said he had talked to the parents about coming out to our field for some flying and they were quite interested. Dan also said he would email our members the soccer schedule, so we could go watch a game. New Business: John Sandy announced that Keith’s Country Store will no longer be selling glow fuel. Dan Woods has been working on a track design for our Quad event and had a draft printed out to show the group. The track will be mowed into the grass on the east end of the parking lot. There was some more discussion about track layout and pilot locations. Bruce Hadella suggested that each FPV pilot have a spotter. More to come.
Dave Harris started a talk about our First Aid kit at the field and it’s need for an update. We talked about getting a list of supplies necessary and making sure we have everything we need in case of an incident. Dan Woods had a great idea of putting together a traveling First Aid Kit in a duffel bag to take to events away from our home field. He said he would research it. Dave mentioned that a clotting product would be a good addition to both kits. Still about safety, Darrel Anderson brought up our fire extinguisher at the field and said we need to get it updated. We also talked about pilots of gasoline planes needing to have their own extinguisher when flying at the field. Darrel mentioned that we need to get some toilet paper for the field bathrooms. He said he would pick some up and get a plastic tote to store it in. Meeting was adjourned at 7:51. Thank you to all that attended.

March 14th, 2018

The meeting was brought to order at 7:05 at the Longfellow School Gym by President Dan Woods with 14 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the February meeting, and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s report, it was also accepted as read. Old Business: Dan Woods confirmed that the Celtic Cowboy is booked for our annual banquet on December 8th from 1 to 4 pm. Dan also mentioned that the $100 sponsorship for his daughter’s soccer has been paid to the team. We started discussing upcoming events, starting with the Quad event and realized we had it scheduled on Memorial Day Weekend. It is now on the schedule for June 2nd, and the committee needs to get together to get things organized. Dave Harris asked about the wind sock and we agreed that May 1st would be a good time to get it back up. New Business: Darrel Anderson suggested to identify club members that are quad pilots in the data base. Darrel also told the group that we had some old members still able to sign club checks at that that should be removed from the list. Bruce Hadella brought up our indoor flying and when would be the last day. We agreed to fly through the end of April. Meeting was adjourned at 7:40. Thanks to all that attended!

September 5, 2018
President, Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:11 pm at the 10th Ave So Hardees with 11 members in attendance. Secretary, Chuck Woods read the minutes from the August meeting and they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrel Anderson read the treasurer’s report and it was also accepted as read.
Dan Woods had receipts for the food purchased for our Scale event totaling $95.55.
Old Business: John Sandy had made the trip to Victor for the fly in there and said it was very good. Dan Woods did get us a new first aid kit and will be out at the field in some sort of weather resistant tote. Dan also talked about our 4th of July parade float, we did receive a 3rd place trophy, which should get delivered soon. There was not an awards ceremony this year. Dave Harris asked about our memorial plague at the field, and we do have two more names to add to it.
New Business: Dan Woods has talked with a 4H youth director about having a workshop with our club to help teach some aeronautics. We talked about Flite Test and their involvement in the STEM program and we could use them as a resource. Flite Test’s “Sparrow” and the AMA “Delta Dart” were mentioned as projects and the 4H director is supposed to come to our October meeting. Our Quad event was discussed for September 8th. Multi rotors were to be the focus of the event, but we were to keep the runway available for fixed wing flying. Other events coming up are the Float Fly in Helena and the event in Saint Ignatius, both during the weekend of the 15th of September. October 6th will be our Fun Fly at Leo’s.
John Sandy told the group that he had received a call from the Civil Air Patrol and they have an electric plane in need of repair. He told them to call Dan Woods. John also talked about mowing at the field and the it would be beneficial to install a mulching kit on the mower. He had done some research and found the parts for around $70. Doug made a motion to purchase the kit, Chuck Woods seconded, and the motion carried.
Dan Woods brought up our indoor flying at Longfellow school, and it will get started in October. Dan said he would check in with the School District to get it started.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:54