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March 2019
Air Scoop Newsletter
April 2019
Oliver is finishing his ride in a RV8 at the Fort Benton Fly In last month. This was his first real airplane flight and you can tell he liked it by the grin on his face.
Propeller Safety
Pictured to the left is Doug McCombs right hand after a surgeon put in about 24 staples to repair the damage to Dougs hand.
Doug was bench testing one of his nitro engines, the engine was started and instead of reaching around the rear of the spinning propeller to remove the glow starter, he reached through the prop. Sometimes this happens and it's very serious. Be mindful of that those spinning props are dangerous. Please remember to always remove the glow driver from the backside of the prop. You editor experienced a similar accident at the field about two years ago, I received about 12 stitches and the three prop scares are still visible on one of my fingers. Be safe guys. For you electric flyers, make sure you are mindful of your throttle lock switch.
Indoor Flying
We are only going to have two more indoor flying sessions this winter. Guys fly every Wednesday at the Paris Gibson Education Center Gym. Most the guys fly quadcopters, but a few fly small helicopters and even some very small fixed winged aircraft. The janitors at the gym have been very friendly and we really enjoy the bigger flying space than we have in the past. Pictured to the right is Chuck Woods flying one of his 3D indoor aircraft. He can put on quite a show with his light and powerful plane. It's very graceful to watch, often the quads guys will land their units so they can watch Chuck fly.
Flying RC aircraft is truely a bonding experience. Case in point to the left is 4 year old Cooper and is Grandpa John Ropp. Cooper is getting the handle on controlling a quadcopter and can get it to hover pretty well and move it around without much effort. Practice makes perfect. Cooper is probably one of the youngest young pilots I've experienced having a good flying experience.
Building Party at
John Sandy's Place
John Sandy hosted our second Building Party at his place in mid March. I believe about 10 members showed up to work on projects or just to watch members work. John has a great set up in his garage. Many of us would love to have his working area, and even his overhead aircraft storage area. Click on the picture area on the bottom of this page to access some pictures taken at this get together. To the right we see a new racer that Don Hungerford brought to show off. And Bruce brought in his newly finished Flite Test Bloody Baron to show the guys to see. Thanks to John for hosting the event and to him and Dave Groose for supplying some coffee and treats. They were good.
Fort Benton Airport Fly In
I counted 17 pilots that showed up at the Fort Benton Fly In that Steve Woodhouse hosted. Shown to the left it one of the runways we used to to south. I have to apologize to everyone about not making a stink about the several guys you see to the right of the runway where they pitted. And planes were taking off and landing right into this area. I experienced two airplanes go off the runway into this crowd of group of guys, luckily they planes were not going that fast. In the future, if I'm not there, would somebody make a point to look at the flight line and where the pilots should set up. Part of the problem was there were some good snow piles and all the dirt was mostly muddy. But that's no excuse. Safety first!

There was some good flying and yes, there were are couple bad incidents, guess shit happens ounce in awhile. Pilots I write down were: Dave D, Darrell A, Don G, David G, Oliver G, Bruce H, Don H, Doug M, Larry O, John S, Dan H, Leo S, Steve W, Chuck W, Max H, Erik S and Darrol D.

Click on the below link to see some pictures of the Fort Benton Fly In, Sandy's Building Party and some other humorous items.
Click here to access the pictures page
For Sale
Doug Thames, former member is selling his RC stuff, Phone 217-3964 Most planes come with servos, engines and a transmitter.
Q-500 $175; Jemco 51 ; 15-500 $200; Elder 40 $225; Mighty Mambo $$250; J3 Cub $225; Sweet Stick $200;
Citabria $175; Tower .75 $100; ASP .91 $125; OS .25 $125; 2 Cox Pee Wee $50 each. (Engines all new) plus other items such as covering, starters, landing gear etc.

Don Woods also told me he has about a dozen good trainer models to sell at reasonable prices for new members,761-0634