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Above is David Groose's
Air Scoop Newsletter - March 2021
Airscoop Newsletter April 2021
Pictured to the left above is the new Skybolt converted to electric that Don Hungerford built this winter. It looks like he's turned into a master builder and covering expert. Its beautiful. On the right is Bruce H's new FMS Super Cub. Some red paint as been added for orientation in the sky. It was received with a bad rudder servo, so he is waiting for a replacement. The wire cord on this servo is 36" long, not sure how he's going to get it treaded back into that fuse. Can't wait to see both of these RC planes fly.

We had a good meeting at Dan Woods garage last week. He's got a neat setup and has some really cool planes I haven't seen him fly yet. We are talking about having our May meeting at Don Woods warehouse, across the alley from the U haul on the west side of Great Falls. There's been a few nice days out at the field and several members have been flying. The field wintered just fine. There's not a lot to write about this month, more articles are sought. So, I'm going to share some various pictures I've saved this last month to share with you all. First of all I am attaching a few WWII women who served, would like to honor their service. Then a Navy seaplane with several photographers mates hanging on, they are filming some dog flights for a training film. Brave boys. Below them are a combo of humorous and other graphics of interest. Get out to the field and start flying. I'm always a little rusty for the first few flights of each year. Several of us really missed indoor flying this winter, next year?
sky_bluearil2021newerone004017.jpg sky_bluearil2021newerone004012.jpg