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Air Scoop Newsletter
August 2019
Runway Work Party
Eight members volunteered to venture out to our RC Airport and dig out two bad cracks around the middle of the runway. Helpers included Dan and Don Woods, David Harris, Darrell Anderson, Doug McCombs David Grosse, Don Hungerford and Bruce H . Dan ran the pavement cutter most of the time, but Grosse relieved him for a time. Don W managed the hose cooling hose connected to a tank in Dan's pickup. The rest of the guys painted cut lines on the runway, completed other tasks and also hauled the cut up old pavement to the end of the runway. We cut out 18" on both cracks. It was a brave crew as it was chilly and it rained half the time.

The plan is to tamp the areas down this Tuesday night, depending how wet it is, then maybe later on this week, we will fill the new channels with cement. A third crack was dug out by hand, and it was determined that a cold mix might be used to fill in the gaps in that third cut. Maybe we will have time to get a few cans of highway sealant and fill in some of the other cracks before this fall gets here. Pictures below were submitted by Don Hungerford. After the pavement cutter was taken back, Dan and Darrell loaded up all the pavement pieces and made two trips to the city dump. Thanks to all you great guys.
Float Fly In on the Missouri River
We came down to less than 24 hours with an agreement with FAA and our Club allowing our Club to Fly at Elks Riverside Park and Wadworth Park for the next two years. We had a perfect day, light winds, the water was almost like glass. Eleven pilots registered for the AMA sanctioned event. Most flyers had a very good day. We want to thank David Grosse for his canoe, as it was used several times. I don't recall any bad wrecks, but there were a few flame outs, and tip overs in the water. We are not allowed to have a motorized boat in the section of the river. It worked out great. We attacked several passerby's on the river road, as its unique seeing these beautiful RC aircraft flying off and on the water. Thanks for Dan and Don Woods for fixing us a nice lunch, and to John Sandy for supplying some baked beans. The temperature was just about right, and there was a lot of shade. Thanks to everyone for attending.
Don Hungerford spent several mornings working on shingling the outhouse. It was in pretty rough shape. It looks good now and is ready for your business. It matches the storage shed that Don covered last month. Thanks Don!