February 6, 2019 Club President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 p.m. at the 10th Ave So Hardees with 10 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the January meeting, and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the treasurer’s report, and it was also accepted as read. Darrel then asked Dan Woods about appointing a Safety Officer for 2019. Dan asked Bruce Hadella if he would be willing to do it and he said that he would. Thank you, Bruce!

Old Business: Different levels of AMA membership was talked about at the last meeting, one of which is the Park Flyer. Darrel Anderson let everyone know that a Park Flyer has some substantial limitations that a member should be aware of and be sure to look into it before purchase. Darrel talked more about the AMA and having a leader member from each club, and a leader club from each district; both of which would be a liaison between club members and the AMA. Darrel would like to approach the AMA to see it they could help our club get a 501c3 rating, so anyone donating to our club could deduct it at the end of the year. Bruce Hadella brought up recruiting and building our membership and suggested the we find a way to get to personnel at the MAFB. John Sandy mentioned contacting the Base commander to try and set something up. John Ropp said that he will contact his son-in-law on the base, who has talked about a drone park on the base. More to come. The next subject was the annual banquet. Dan Woods went to the Black Bear Diner and was not impressed. Service was very slow. Although things may get better by December, Dan did not talk to the manager at that time. We talked about flying at Leo Somerfeld’s on the 5th of January. It was a nice day with 6 or 7 flyers showing up. Thank you, Leo!

Dan Woods told the group that he did post some information on our Facebook page about the AMA memberships and the FAA registration situation. At around 7:30, Dan Woods made a call to Rick Crow, our AMA district’s Associate Vice President, to talk about the lasted and greatest AMA news. Rick stated that rule 336 is no longer in affect, we are to keep flying as we have been. He told us that the AMA wants every club to report the location of any and all flying sites used. Not only our field, but anywhere else we have an event. The FAA is working on more regulations, including a knowledge test for pilots. Rick also informed the group that the members that paid for the FAA registration and did not ask for a refund got at extension for another year. Darrel Anderson had a couple questions for Rick. He asked if our field being in a Class E extension could pose a problem and Rick felt it was not an issue. Darrel then asked about Rick’s thoughts on FAA wanting models to have transponders. Rick thought that most of the aircraft that we fly would not be affected but something over a 200cc size plane may be in the future. A big thank you to Rick for taking the time to talk with us!

New business: John Sandy is in the process of building a plane from plans and asked the members if anyone else was building and just how much interest there is. He mentioned have a build contest, maybe having an award at the end of the year banquet. This sparked quite some discussion and there definitely is some interest. Build a plane has become a lost art with the inception of the ARF. Chuck Woods brought up other clubs doing a build night where members get together, bring a small project to work on or to get some help with. There is a wealth of knowledge in our club and Dan Woods offered to host our first build night on an upcoming Thursday night. More information will be sent out when it’s official.

John Sandy had brought a couple of sanding tools to show the group to help with getting balsa the right shape. John also told us that Steve Woodhouse is have a “Field of the Month” event at his farm on March 16th. Instructions to Steve’s place with be sent out or posted on our web page and/or Facebook.
Dan Woods would like to see some more competitive events to make things more exciting and get folks out flying. He mentioned one Tuesday night a month being a competition night during the summer. More to come. Leo Somerfeld has a GoPro camera to attach to his models and had a couple videos on his laptop to show everyone. Nice footage, thanks Leo for sharing! Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 and thank you to all that attended!!
Club Meeting MInutes