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February 2020
The pictures shown are of a 3 cell Lithium Polymer battery that burned while connected to my battery charger. I ”assume” there was some kind of internal short. The fire happened while the battery was charging and was unattended in my garage.

I charge my Lithium Polymer (Lipo) batteries in a ceramic bowl in a portable barbecue. See the pictures below. The fire burned itself out in the bowl and caused no damages to my garage.

There is a fire proof bag that can be purchased for charging and storing Lithium Polymer batteries. I store mine in a blast and fire proof ammunition container that can be purchased at Harbor Freight or most hardware stores.

This battery fire could have burned my garage to the ground if it had not been contained in my barbecue. I have had several Lipo battery fires over the years, mainly do to crashes. I even had one Lipo catch fire in my shirt pocket after a crash. I was able to pull it from my pocket before I was personally burned.

I am sharing this story and these pictures with you and strongly recommend extreme caution when charging and using Lipo batteries.
Lipo Battery Safety
By Don Hungerford.
There are many steps to ensure safe practices of LiPo battery care. It is important that you are charging and handling your LiPo batteries with the upmost safety to prevent any accidents. We have all heard the chilling stories of LiPo batteries catching on fire and causing serious damage. In addition to using the charger specifically designed for your battery, using a high quality LiPo Battery Guard provides maximum safety. LiPo Battery Guards, also referred to as LiPo Bags, from DSLRPros are made of space-age materials that will help contain a battery fire.
Lipo Charging Bags
There are other instances (not just during charging) where a LiPo Bag is essential for safety. LiPo bags are a convenient way of safeguarding your batteries during charging, transportation, and storage.
If you ever leave spare batteries in the car, the internal heat can cause a battery fire. If your batteries are contained properly in a LiPo bag, the fire-resistant material will reduce the severity of the fire inside.
LiPo Bags are also essential to have while traveling. Because of the volatile nature of lithium chemistry batteries, many airlines require flame resistant storage charging bags. You don?t want to get stuck at the airport without LiPo Bags to safely transport your flight packs. High Quality LiPo Battery Guards from DSLRPros are sealed with a thick, industrial strength Velcro flap. great for storage and transportation.
The LiPo Bags are easy to use. Simply place your lithium polymer battery inside the safe charging bag and extend the charging wire through the top flap. This simple step will give you peace of mind and a higher level of safety.
Click here to see a Lipo battery discharge in a bag.
The hotter your batteries get, the shorter their lifespan will be. Never charge a battery that is still warm from usage, and never use a battery that is still warm from charging. Depending on how they are used, most LiPo batteries typically do not last longer than 300 charge cycles.
On one Wednesday night in January, seven Piper Super Cubs took off one at a time and flew in circle. I can't believe nobody got mixed up.
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