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2021 DUES $85 Dues for members and new members Big Sky RC Modelers, 132 15th Ave. NW; Great Falls MT 59404. The above Address is where members are encouraged to send their 2021 dues, checks made out to Big Sky RC Modelers. Special sign up deal for active 2020 members, you can save $10 off you dues if sent in before March 3
Air Scoop Newsletter
      February 2021
Bernie has been so popular, he is even in our Monthly Newsletter
Membership Update
2021 Club membership 16 (12 Open, 4 Youth)
12 2020 members have yet to renew for 2021 (11 Open, 1 youth)
1 2020 member had AMA expire on Jan 31, 2021.
We welcome Joe Scott as a new member. Hope to see you alot this summer
Membership Projects 2021
Here is something I've been working on this winter. I didn't want Don Hungerford having all the fun so I decided to put a FPV camera and transmitter on my 80" Carbon-Z Cub. It should be fun. Don Hungerford did this several times last year. We would use a trainer radio to fly the plane so if we had any issue the master radio, not being flown by FPV, could take over. Don Hungerford was pretty good at it - he could take off and land all via FPV. So now I have one setup on my cub and will give it a go this spring sometime. Submitted by Don Gilles
Hi folks, thought you might want to see how I've been spending my time at home, building another plane! Like I really need another, but you know what they say, "the man who dies with the most planes, wins! The plane is a vintage 80" wing span "Big Kaos" pattern plane from the late 70's, built from a Joe Bridi kit! It's powered by a Supertigre 2300, 1.4 cubic inch glow engine! It has one flight on it to date but it has wonderful "manners", I would highly recommend this plane for a future project. Keep flying and keep the landing gear on the low side! Oh, I'm squinting because of the sun!. Submitted by John Sandy
Here is Quigley with his new plane that we put together this winter. I was able to go out to the flying field during one of the rare fairly calm days and make her maiden flight. It flew pretty well but it will take a little more practice on the Apprentice for Quigley to be able to fly her. It was a great time out at the field as Don Hungerford and Chuck Woods were also out there that day. It was really nice to see some fellow club members as it had been over three months since I had seen anyone from the club. To the left you see another one of my projects for this year. It is a Hog-Bipe to replace my Orange Hog that met its demise courtesy of the power lines at Leo's. I have a couple of things to still add to get it ready to fly but it is really close. I did make sure I have a pilot this time so he can warn me of any obstacles I need to avoid such as power lines. I can't wait to get out and do some more flying and see more of you out at the field. Submitted by David Grosse
Not exactly a “project”, but an assembly task. Dehavilland Twin Otter, Bind-n-Fly by Eflite. The radio is programmed, and it’s ready for flight. Just waiting for a relatively windless day. It came with floats, so it will supplement my DH Beaver. The Otter uses the same batteries, 3S 2200, as my other float planes and small electrics, so that will be handy. I’ve got other “projects” in the works, but not ready for prime time. Submitted by Darrell Anderson
I've got about 6 or more foam electric planes. My son gifted me this balsa Crusader, Stick style, for Christmas. Its got a 30 size motor and will run on 3C 2200Ma lipos. Decided to put some stars on this plane instead of the usual German Iron Cross. I had to fix 2 or 3 foam planes that had some minor damage. I'm surprised how well foam can be mended verses balsa. Pictured below is my Cherokee, I was distracted on a landing late last fall and it tip stalled. It broke the shaft off the motor. It has shafts on both ends so I just turned the motor around and changed one of the esc connections. Steering was messed up, had to cut a hole in the front to access front wheel adjustment. Then had to replace both servos on one wing. That was a chore taking those out and putting back in new cords. Hope it works. Submitted by Bruce H.
Bruce Patterson Sent in a video of the X1 flight etc. He thought it would be of interest to the membership. Press on the link below.
X1 Link
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