Meeting Minutes
January 2nd, 2019

President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:03 pm at the Paris Gibson School gym with 12 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the December meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was also accepted as read.

Old business started up with the banquet at the Celtic Cowboy and how it was not such a great hit and we talked about some new locations. We also talked about the indoor flying location moving from Longfellow School to Paris Gibson. All our indoor flyers agreed that it is an excellent upgrade in both location and the size of the space. There was some discussion about the rules for flying in the gym, and getting some new members, which brought up the out dated by-laws. Dan Woods said that he would read though our by-laws and look for issues that need to be addressed.

New Business: First topic of new business was a new location for our December banquet. Leo Somerfeld checked into The Montana Club, which sounds like a good option. They have a banquet room for 36 people and we can order off the full menu. Darrel Anderson, Dan Woods, and John Sandy were all at the new Black Bear Café in Market Place. Darrel had a menu for the members to look at and this location will be investigated further.

Leo Somerfeld told the group he was having a flying event on Saturday the 5th and everyone was invited.
There was some talk about technology and its role in RC and how its advanced. Darrel Anderson brought up an app called AirMap and talked about some of its features and capabilities. The AMA became a topic and Dan Woods got online and told the group about the several different levels of membership, and John Ropp talked about the Park Flyer membership, which could help folks get into the hobby more economically. Dan Woods stated that he would post some more about these membership options on our Facebook page.
John Sandy then brought up the clubs’ mission statement, and what our goals are. Getting more folks involved in the Hobby and increasing our membership then became the topic of discussion. We all agreed that the Hobby has changed immensely and our approach to recruit has to change. John Ropp suggested that we take more photos and video, and post them on Facebook, and share posts to help spark interest. Drone racing, which is very popular, was discussed, both at the field and in our new gym. We even talked about how nice it would be to have a location to keep a race course set up for regular racing events.
Dan Woods talked about getting the club into schools to teach and build with some young people and John Sandy mentioned Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as an option also.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm.