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July 2019
Fort Benton Float Fly
Story by John Sandy, Pics by Dan Horinek
What a wonderful day to be on the river, burning a lot of glo fuel and amps made it that much more enjoyable! If your still wondering I'm referring to the float-fly in scenic Ft. Benton, Montana hosted by Big Sky R/C Modelers! For those who couldn't make it you missed some of the nicest flying conditions, early in the day, that I've seen all summer! The river was flowing a little on the fast side but was not much of an issue, but with a light breeze blowing across the trees, creating a rotor effect was a little more problematic. Regardless, with the "bumpy" air I saw some of the most graceful take-offs and landings that you won't see on most runways! Long, low approaches, "poetry in motion"! We had 10 pilots in attendance drilling a lot of holes in the sky, and a whole lot of folks watching the action, with applause!
The planes flown ranged from scale / sport glo and electric powered kit planes to electric "foamy's" of numerous configurations! Dave Grosse brought his kit-built Sig LT-40 that was very nicely built with an attractive color scheme! I'm looking forward to seeing it fly! One issue I noticed was a tendency for the light "foamy's" to flip up side down while on the water from the breezes, if they were a little heavy'er that might not have been an issue! I think that's a great reason to try your hand at building a kit, something that is missing when purchasing ARF's! Regardless, Barry "the boat guy" was fairly busy retrieving flipped or dead-stick planes!
The one example of "carnage"all day was Chuck Woods "high winger" that went into the drink from a low altitude, but with power on there was a fair amount of damage. Unfortunately it will happen to all of us, you accept it and build another plane or you take up golf! I'd like to thank those who took the time and were able to attended: Darrell Anderson, Steve Woodhouse, Dan Woods, Chuck Woods, Dan Horinek, Don Gilles, Dave Grosse, Oliver Grosse, Leo Somerfeld and myself. Actually attendance was roughly 35% of membership, not to shabby, but next event lets aim for 100% or more! That is all!
July 4th Parade Float
Open House July 5 and 6

Pictured above left is Steve Woodhouse (center pilot) demonstrating his aerobatic craft, and Larry Olson and his planes.

The weather treated us pretty good this year, even though the winds were blowing in all directions at times, it seemed to be in the 5 to 10 mph range, which is manageable for most RC pilots. I took a bunch of pictures, you can view them on the pictures section of this website. I want to thank the guys who made ready the Field, it looked very good, thanks guys. I counted 14 members who flew, and we had 3 or 4 out of towners. We had a few guests who attended, many had questions and enjoyed the flying. John, Steve and Dan had planes out there on the flight line giving lessons. Its always good to see new comers try their luck at the controls. Many of them have to learn, that the aircraft require very little effort to make turns etc.

The idea of having a Friday night and Saturday all day worked out pretty well. I was surprised to see how many pilots and guests showed up on Friday evening. I got to talk to several Navy vets and we talked about our good times. We had a wide ranges of aircraft, from the giant aerobatic gas powered planes from Steve, Chuck, and John to several nitro and lots of electric aircraft. We even tried out luck at combat with 25' streamers. I just got to fly in the first volley, but I guess Dan scored a cut on Chuck during the second flight. It's a lot harder than you think trying to cut a streamer. Most of the flying was very relaxed, and their was usually one or two pilots always up in the air. I know several times I wanted to go up, but waited until fewer pilots were up in the air. I don't think there were any major crashes. I believe their were some minor injuries to planes for some pilots, two for me.

A special thanks to Dan and his cooking crew, they set up a nice line and everything tasted just right. A few wives came out to support our hobby, but most chose not too. My wife supports my hobby but can't stand out hot field, don't understand her? You can see some pictures of the Open House, Tuesday Night flying by clicking on the below link. Be seeing you at the field. Keep those wings level.
By Bruce H
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