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March 2019
Air Scoop Newsletter
June 2019
Club News
Pictured at the right is Don H applying tar paper on the first shed. It was in need of a new roof. Don also got some shingles at a very good cost, they will be applied later this summer when the temperature is higher so the shingles glue will set. Bruce H has got carried away on downloading Flight Test plans and building their planes from scratch. His fleet is shown below.
On the right you see Chuck W holding up his new V900 speedster aircraft with Don W, his spotter. This little bugger is supposed to fly over 120 mph or faster. That's jet type speeds. Chuck handled it well as my face whipped from one side to the other when it buzzed by.
Here's Steve W next to his Big Stick XL powered by a twin gas engine. This bugger is huge. It flew quite well.
Below is David G and his A10 electric jet. It took a lot of runway to lift off, but it flew well and David greased in a good landing. Well done guys.
I don't have a lot to write about this month, maybe more next month, so I will share some aircraft related images.