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Above is David Groose's

June 2020
Pictured to the left is Chad Pollington and his new Extreme Flight Bushmaster. It's a huge plane powered with a 85CC twin. Chad flies it great.

We welcome back former member john Karagos and new youth member Kale Tylinski (Sponsored by John Sandy).Welcome both of you two.
Here's Kaleb Pollington and his Flight Test Legacy plane. He's got take offs mastered and seems to fly pretty good. At press time he is working on his landings. Kaleb hopes to add some color to his plane pretty soon. Good luck young fellow
Here's a wider shot with Don Hungerford and his new electric Stick, scratch built. He has three of three of these models, each with some differences. This one is set up to fly FPV with a camera above the rudder that is not seen in this photo,
Doug McCombs and his favorite plane, the Apprentice S. He loves this plane. He is also working on a control line area to flying planes with a wire connection, no RC. Good luck on this ventures. Chuck Woods is also interested in trying control line flying too.
Two of Nathan Wolfs Helicopters. He also has a bigger nitro powered helicopter. Can't wait to see it fly.
Here's Dan Horinek's Sonic nitro powered plane.
To the left is Don Gilles' big electric Super Cub. He can do just about everything with it. You can see a big smile on him after each flight.
This is Bruce H's new Piper Cherokee nose dragger plane. It flies really nice and so far the wheels pants are still in good shape. Its got a full flying stab, the first flight was a scary one but it trimmed out okay and needs to be flown on low rates for now.
Hired some small helpers for my hobby room. They come in handy with you need a third arm. Their service is appreciated .
Here's a fun BINGO card, use a marker and see how many Bingos you can get.
I think I told you last month my Flash 8 HiTec Transmitter failed. HiTec quit making Transmitters. Shopping around I found a couple vintage radios that might work, they were priced to sell. Which one would you recommend?