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Above is David Groose's
Aircraft Newsletter
June 2021
Above you see the workbench Don Hungerford repaired this week. He works fast and does an outstanding job.
Don also submitted a short note on the Quad race last weekend. It is as follows: Three flyers including myself showed up to fly. One left early for other commitments. Wind was gusting to 15. No race flying was done and me and the other guy left before noon. One non flyer club member was there but left early with his son.Dave and I did fly but did not race.

The Club has not received any news on permission to build a RC race track at the field. Members will be sent an email or notice on Facebook when word arrives. The Club has approved the building of the track. What hasn't been voted on yet is how the car guys will be managed. Will be they be full members, can they just rent the track and pay rent to our club for half our lease, and maybe hold events to replay the he $1000 the Club will be fronting. Some guys say we might just expect about 5 car guys to join, others say it might be 10 or more. Hobby Time RC and the Electric City Racers have leased the Ice Flex for the summer and a summer league will start pretty soon. Pictures of the inside carpet track look bigger than the course set up at the Holiday In. This carpet racing might be cheaper to race than our dirt track. But its up in the air whats going to happen. This hole thing about getting the car guys insurance coverage is complicated, lets hope it all works out. This editor is not taking sides, just exploring different ideas. The Club will vote on a final plan. Below are a few pics I've taken at the field. First are shots of the lawn being mowed by Oliver and Quigley. They had fun. Thank to all the guy who have been mowing. I know John Sandy is getting ready to do a weed spray.
Below are some pics of members and planes seen at the field lately.