Statewide RC Aircraft Events

Summer 2019 Events

23 March. Fort Benton, Field of the Month, Fort Benton Airport
30 March. Helena, ALES
27 April. Bozeman, Mall Show (by Macy's)
27 April. Helena, ALES
18 May. Bozeman, Fun Fly
25 May Great Falls, Quad Race
25 May. Helena ALES
1 June Billings, Pylon Race
8 June Billings, ALES
14-16 June Paradise Valley, Fly-In. ?????
22 June Helena, Fun Fly
28 June. Helena, F5J ALES
29-30 June. Helena, ALES
29-30 June. Great Falls, (Fort Benton) Float Fly
5-7 July. Great Falls, Open House / Fly In
13 July. Billings, ALES
13 July. Helena, Pylon Race
20 July. Great Falls, Float Fly
20 July. Ennis, Full Scale Fly In
27 July. Helena ALES
27 July Bozeman, Combat Meet
3-4 August. Helena, Float Fly
3-4 August. Three Forks, Full Scale Fly In
10-11 August. Victor, Fly In
10 August. Billings, Billings, ALES
24 August. Great Falls, Scale Fly In
31 August. Helena, ALES
7 September. Helena, Float Fly
14 September. Great Falls, Quad Race
21 September. Bozeman, Fly In / Swap Meet
5 October. Power, Leo's Fly In, Lone Tree Aerodrome
26 October. Helena, ALES
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