Club Meeting Minutes 2021 (Don Gilles, Secretary)
Big Sky RC Meeting Minutes Mar 3, 2021

Vice-President Dave Grosse brought the meeting to order at 7:05 PM at John Sandy's garage with 7 members in attendance and President Dan Woods via phone. We had one guest - John Sandy's neighbor Blaze.

Secretary Don Gilles read Novemberís meeting minutes and they were accepted as read. Due to COVID-19 no meetings were held in Dec 2020, Jan 2021 and Feb 2021.

Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurerís report and it was accepted as read.

Old business:

Doug McCombs asked if we build a dirt track and subsequently a raised driver's stand how high the stand might be - the members fairly agreed that the stands would not be any higher than the outhouse.

Bruce Hadella brought up reasons why the club shouldn't fund the building of the track citing previous history of abandoned dirt tracks around town. The idea was floated by members that we require a security deposit from the tentative car club before we agree to the building of a track. Should the car club abandon the track or fail to maintain it they would forfeit the deposit to the BSRC club. No decision or motion was made in regards to a security deposit.

Dan Woods reminded members he had sent out an email with some ROAR details. It would cost BSRC $37 to join the ROAR affiliation. This would provide $1,000,000 Liability Insurance coverage for ROAR races
($2,000,000 aggregate) and allow us to have sanctioned ROAR events. Interested club members would have to join ROAR ($35 annually) in addition to their AMA membership to participate in these events.

Dan Woods also stated that he had drawn up some tentative dirt track plans and should have those for the members to look at soon.

Dan Woods next brought up and asked members if the year's event schedule looked ok. A motion was made and carried to accept the year's schedule. The schedule will be posted to Facebook and the club
website soon.

Dave Grosse covered the election results. They were as follows:
President: Woods, Daniel
Vice President: Grosse, David, C
Treasurer: Anderson, Darrell, L
Secretary: Gilles, Donald

Our two non-elected positions:
Safety Officer: Sandy, John, E
Field Marshall: Hungerford, Donald, W

Dave Grosse then made a motion that we attempt to re-charter our club to a 501(c)(3) organization. Motion carried. Darrell Anderson agreed to look into the details and Dave Grosse agreed to assist. This would
change us from a social club to a scientific and educational club. It also provides many tax benefits. The one downfall is it will cost the club a non-refundable $600 filing fee. It is possible the re-charter
request could be denied by the state.

New business:

No official new business was discussed.

John Sandy did a show & tell on a wing he was building. The wing didn't quite turn out as he hoped. Several members then proceeded to advise John on what he should have done and how he might be able to
fix the wing. John thanked everyone for their input but said he had already made another wing which turned out perfect! John Sandy's neighbor Blaze brought in his DJI drone and did a show & tell on its capabilities.

Thanks to John Sandy for hosting the meeting and providing us with coffee. Dave Grosse and Darrell Anderson provided donuts. Social distancing was observed and masks worn as required.

April's meeting location is currently TBD. Thanks to all attendees, the meeting was adjourned at 8:09 pm.