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March 2019
From the 1970's to 2019, how about making it fully RC.
Air Scoop Newsletter
May 2019
Pictured to the right is Don Hungerford's scratch built modern Stick now with FPV on board.
Club News
Tuesday Night Flights have officially started. Dave Grosse has been going out to fly after work the last couple of weeks. We have work parties scheduled for the next two Tuesdays, so besides bringing a plane, maybe bring some gloves.
Our first flying event of the year at the Field will be a Quad Meet on May 25. This event should include three events, Plylon racing, Drag race the length of the runway and FPV. We are still learning things on Quads, so please come out and fly or watch the event. AMA required for pilots.
New Hobby Shop in Town
Zack Olson has opened up Hobby Time, 13th Street South and 10th Avenue North. I just checked it out the other day. So far, its mostly RC cars, a few boats, but he does have some planes in stock and some accessories. I picked up a couple batteries for my FT Scout, and price wasn't bad. He said he can order stuff for you locally for you instead of you going via email. Seems like he will work with us, let's support him if we can.
Safety Review
I would invite each of you to read through our Field Rules that are posted on this website. I'd like to review a few items as your Safety Officer. One big deal every year is parking behind the benches. Many members pull through there, unload their planes, then seem to visit with other members while their vehicle is parked, in a danger zone, as there may be pilots in the air. Last year we had a members pick up get bumped into by an aircraft by accident. If the PU was parked in the proper parking lot, this wouldn't of happened. So unload, move your vehicle, then visit or fly. If you are at the field by yourself I see nothing wrong with you parking behind the bench, as you are responsible for your own vehicle. But, when a second vehicle shows up, please move.

Flying etiquette, if somebody is flying and you approach to fly, please tell that first pilot that you are taking off left to right. The same goes for landing, if you are about to land, announce that also. If there's a case that your engine has quit in mid air, yell out Deadstick, and then land, this lets the other pilot or pilots know to watch out for you. Another thing that is dangerous is the touch and goes. I'd like to suggest that you do that when there are no other pilots flying. Its nerve racking if your flying high and somebody touches down near you and you can't take you eye off your plane. Its's just common sense or courtesy. Always remember if you pack some thing into to the field, pack it out. We don't have any standing garbage cans at the field, we used to, but they became a mess, and then they had to be clean up. We have two helicopter and quad pads on each side of the main runway, we would prefer you fly those aircraft in those areas unless you ask the other pilots in the main area, and get their permission. Again, please review the Field Safety Rules.
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