Club Meeting MInutes 2019
April 3rd
Dan Woods called the meeting to order at 7:00 at Paris Gibson School Gym with 9 members in attendance. Dan woods read the meeting minutes from March 6th and they were accepted as read. Darrel Anderson read the treasures report and it was accepted as read. Dan reserved the banquet room at the Montana Club 11-4 on Saturday December 14th for the Christmas party. Build night went well a John Sandy’s house. Dan Woods offered to have Build night Thursday April 11th at 6:30 at his garage. Need to confirm this time and date later. Will send information out with Facebook or email. Fort Benton was a success was a lot of fun. Discussion of current conditions at the flying field. Work Day? We will talk about that when it warms up. Work party 1st or 2nd week in May we will schedule the day at our May meeting. John Ropp talked about getting some asphalt milling for area by the gate. May 18th is scheduled Quad race but it is May 25th in calendar. We will need to verify which day it is going to be. Next meeting will be held at Hardee’s on tenth on May 1st. Was some discussion on glow fuel order. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50. Minutes taken by David Grosse
May 1st Meeting was called to order at 7 pm at the Hardees (on 10th Ave South) with 9 members in attendance. Chuck was out of town on business, so Bruce H recording the Minutes of tonight's meeting. President Dan Woods read the Minutes from the April meeting, they were approved as read. Darrell A gave the monthly Treasurers report, with minimum changes from last month, they were approved as read. The Club has 23 paid members this year, with 6 members from last year have not renewed yet, but 5 have renewed their AMA dues.

Don Hungerford brought up that the first storage shed has very few shingles attached. Don has volunteered to put on some tar paper and shingle the roof. There was some talk of getting some deals on shingles, so several members were going to check into that. Don H said he estimated the shingles will cost about $150.

Dave H. and John S put up the main windsock at the field, thanks guys!

There was some talk about having one or two work parties at the field to do some minor repairs. It was decided that May 8 and May 15 on Tuesday Night Flights would be the best time, this way it wouldn't mess up anybodies weekend. Dan W said he's get a couple yards of crushed gravel to install near the front gate and then some near the frequency stand. So guys please show up around 5 or 6 pm with some tools and a plane the next couple Tuesday nights and help fix things up a little.

Dan W said one of these days he would borrow a respirator and clean out the shacks. We still have some mice living in our sheds despite having poison inside.

Darrell A brought in some paperwork for officers to sign from the State Department of Transportation. Apparently they are going to widen the highway adjunct to out field. This might happen in the next one or two years.

Dave G said he'd look at updating the Club's By Laws, its been 10 years since the last revision.

Another Build Night as been scheduled May 16th 7 pm at John Sandy's garage. Everyone if invited.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm.