Club Meeting MInutes 2019

October 2nd, 2019 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 pm. at the 10th Ave So Hardees with 10 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the previous meeting and they were accepted as read. Treasure Darrell Anderson read the treasures report, it was also accepted as read. Don Hungerford asked the group if it was possible for 2 members to sign up this time of year and next year would be included. It was determined that is the rule and was fine. Old Business: The float fly in Helena started the old business discussion but no one from our club attended. Our quad event was canceled, and Leo's event is postponed due to weather. Dan Woods then brought up our Indoor flying at Paris middle school. As of October 2nd, the gym is not open for scheduling, but hopefully will be available next week. Darrell Anderson then told the group he was unable to check on our land lease about the car track proposal. New Business: Dan Woods then told us about a new member by the name of Dave Dobbins. Welcome Dave! Darrell Anderson mentioned that we have to move our sign along the highway. Dave Grosse has all the information about the move. It needs to be moved by August 1st, 2020 due to highway improvement. We will collect $2200 for moving the sign. It needs to be moved 30 feet East of it’s current location. Don Hungerford had a suggestion about our Quad Racing event. He has found that having the runway to use as a reference is very helpful when flying FPV and perhaps setting up a racecourse in that area would be better. We had some discussion about the current set up and perhaps we could do some more mowing around the track would help. Crashing in the grass is much less destructive than on the paved runway. More to follow. Dave Harris and John Sandy made mention that is it that time of year to put our windsock into storage for the winter. Dan Woods told the group that he was going to submit our runway repair costs to the AMA and see if we could utilize some of the grant money available for such projects. Dave Grosse has been continuing to work on the runway cracks, Thank you Dave! Darrell Anderson had noticed that we need to have another member or two be able to sign the Clubs checks and there are a couple names on the account that need to be removed. Dan Woods ended the meeting with the proposal that on meeting nights during the indoor flying season, we get started with the meeting at 6 pm and use the remaining time for flying instead of splitting flying time with the meeting at 7. We agreed that was a good idea. Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 and thanks to all that attended!

September 4th, 2019 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at the 10th Ave South Hardee's at 7:00 PM with 11 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the previous month’s meeting, and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was also accepted as read. We started talking about old business with the runway crack project. The patches turned out pretty good but not perfect, but way better than what we had. Dan Woods suggested that we find a crack filler to seal the gaps between the concrete and pavement. Dan had used a self-leveling product that did not work as well as planned. Dave Harris suggested an asphalt sealer to be smoothed out with a putty knife. There was also talk about the ruts in the grass caused by the cement truck. Don Giles used his van to flatten some of them out. Also, John Sandy used the rototiller to knock them down, which helped. Thanks guys! Our next topic was our scale event. Attendance was a little low with only 15 Flyers and only one from out of town. Dave Grosse did a lunch, sold 15 lunches. Thank you, Dave! There has been several discussions about how to increase our membership. Dan Woods has talked to Zach at our Hobby Time store in Great Falls. We are going to try and get in touch with the local RC car club with the intention of building a track that our field. Darrell Anderson said that he would check with the lease and make sure that's possible. Dan Woods then asked Darrell if it was possible to track AMA members that are not members of our club. Darrell said that’s not possible.Darrell Anderson brought a new plane, ready to fly, for the club to purchase to give away/raffle off at our banquet. Don Woods then made a motion to purchase the plane for $50, Bruce Hadella seconded, and the motion passed.
New business started with Don Hungerford, who has been making repairs to our flight tables, and asked to do another one that needs work. Darrell Anderson made a motion, Dave Grosse seconded, and the motion passed, for Don to continue to repair the tables. Thank you, Don! We then talked about upcoming events. The Helena float fly is on September 7th, at Hauser Lake, there is a $5 parking fee. There is an event in Bozeman on the 21st. Our quad event is on the 28th and Leo's is October 5th.
Dan Woods then brought up indoor flying at Paris Gibson school. It was decided that this would start on October 2nd. Dan also suggested a flat $5 fee per night per flyer to fly there. Dave Harris made a motion, Dave Grosse seconded, and the motion passed to charge this $5 fee. Our next topic of discussion was our annual banquet. It will be at the Montana Club, on December 14th, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. They suggest a maximum of 30 people but are flexible. We will get to order from the menu and a head count will be taken at the December meeting. Doug McCombs questioned the group, asking if he could fly a control line model in the fields parking lot. We decided it would be no problem as long as there are no vehicles close by.Meeting was adjourned at 7.53pm.

August 7, 2019
 President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:05 pm at the 10th Ave South Hardees with 8 members in attendance. Dan read the minutes from the June meeting and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was also accepted as read. Old Business: We started talking about old business with the project of repairing the cracks in the runway and the bids we had received from the 2 contractors. The bids we a little confusing to some of us as what it covered. It appeared that the 2 bids did not cover the same things or the complete repair. Discussions were had on how much it would cost if we did the repairs ourselves. It was determined that we could fix the three cracks between $500-$1000 depending on whether we use concrete (150ft x 1’ wide x 4” thick = 1.8CY @ approx. $120/CY = $216 plus possible delivery fee). If we went with cold patch asphalt, we would need 42 bags at $15 per bag so a total of $630. Road mix gravel for the base would be about $30. Equipment costs for the walk behind saw would be around $150. We would need to get a several of the 5 gal buckets of asphalt sealer for the rest of the cracks and that would be another couple $100 depending how much we go through and what type we get. A motion was made to have Dan Woods get the walk behind saw this Saturday and cut the asphalt. Motion passed. The plan right now would be to remove the cut asphalt next Tuesday and get a concrete truck to deliver concrete to patch back in. Darrel mentioned if we do not have the cracks fixed by the scale fly-in on August 24th we could cover them with some tar paper or cardboard as a temporary fix to allow us the full use of the runway.
Darrell and John attended the Helena Float fly this last weekend. There was about 15 people total that attended.
 New Business: Darrell Anderson had an update for the LAANC system that is now available for recreational flyers. There are 2 apps that you can get on your smart phone to log your location and see the restrictions for your particular grid inside of controlled airspace. The two apps were Kittyhawk and Airmap. Darrell showed us some of the functionality of the Airmap app that was on his phone.
 John Sandy is planning on attending the Victor fly-in this weekend and encouraged anyone that could attend to do so. August 17th is AMA Model Aviation Day and there is a National Fly-a-thon for the AMA Foundation. We will have an informal event out at our airfield on that day. John mentioned that there is a fly-in at Paradise Valley and several of our members plan on attending that. There was some confusion last meeting about our Quad event, and that is scheduled for Sept and not August. We talked about membership and ways we could expand it. Darrell has not run all the numbers on expenditures and revenue, but we have been maintaining a balance for the last couple of years. We will review the lease agreement to see if we could have a track for the car guys and possibly some ways that we could accomplish this. We will explore if this is possible and how the car club works and if they even would be open to that idea. We can develop the details of this as it develops. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40. Thanks to all who attended! Minutes taken by David Grosse

      July 3, 2019

President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7 pm at the 10th Ave South Hardees with 9 members in attendance. Secretary Chuck Woods read the minutes from the June meeting and they were accepted as read. Treasurer Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was also accepted as read. Dave Gross invited a visitor, Tim Bellamy, who is a UAS guy from MAFB. He visited with the group for a time and said he would be out to our open house. Old Business: We started talking about old business with the project of repairing the cracks in the runway. Dave Gross had worked on it with some cold patch, Thanks Dave. Dan Woods said that it would be great if we could get the cracks cut out and repaired by the Scale Meet and that we need to reconnect with John Ropp and the resources he may have access to. Dan Woods then asked about the mid-week fly-in out at Steve Woodhouse’s place. John Sandy was there, said that there was about 4 flyers and it was good. Next topic was the float fly at Fort Benton. It was excellent, good turnout, good weather but a bit windy at times, and just about everyone got a ride in Barry’s new rescue boat! We are still working on the by-law changes and Dave Gross said he will send the by-laws with the proposed changes out to the membership to look over. New Business:
Darrel Anderson gave the group an AMA update, talked about the sanctioned event coming up and Contest Directors applying online. Darrel also read the Leader Member Minutes and updated us about the FAA and to beware there is a lot of bad info floating around and make sure we get it from the source. August 17th is AMA Model Aviation Day and there is a National Fly-a-thon for the AMA Foundation. Bruce Hadella suggested we have an informal event on that day and then made a motion to do so. Chuck Woods seconded, and the motion passed. We talked a bit about the field and how good it’s looking. Thanks to all for the hard work! Next topic was the Float, the 4th of July parade, and our Open House event. The parade starts at 11 am sharp and we should be there to get ready at 10 am. The float is different this year, we went with something simpler. We will be passing out candy but no flyers. The Open House is scheduled for Friday evening and Saturday with a possibility of some flying on Sunday. John Sandy told the group that his wife, Carol suggested a cook-out for Saturday night, but there wasn’t much interest shown. Sorry John. Bruce Hadella said that he had contacted the Hot Ticket for some advertising of the Open House. Bruce also talked about our Float Fly on the river in Great Falls. It will be an AMA sanctioned event, for which he will be the Contest Director. He talked about the procedures involved, this will be much more involved than events we’ve had in the past. Dave Gross said that he would bring a canoe for the rescue boat and Bruce asked if Chuck Woods would call the FAA tower.
Dan Woods went through the events calendar to update everyone. Our Quad event, that was scheduled for August 14th has been moved to the 28th. (This might be Sept 14 to 28, clarify later)
Meeting was adjourned at 8:06. Thanks to all who attended!

June 4, VP David Grosse called the meeting to order at 7 pm at Hardees on 10th Ave. South.
Darrell A gave the monthly treasurers report, it was approved as read. Bruce H read the Minutes from last months meeting, it was approved as read. Seven members were present for the meeting. David said he had made some updates to the Club's By Laws and Field Rules, he has sent them to the Club officers for review, after they make their comments, he will send it out to the Club membership for review, before it will be approved at a future meeting, with changes or not. We talked about some cold mix that Dan W had suggested for the runway cracks. Our next big event will be the Fort Benton Float Fly In off the Missouri River June 29-30. We were not sure if it will be again both days, word will be put out via our listserv to clarify this. Steve Woodhouse is having an informal Fly In at his farm near Fort Benton next Wednesday, everybody is invited. Directions to his place will be sent out via email. The biggest part of the meeting was taken up in a discussion lead by Darrell A about our Field being certified by FAA. Paperwork for this process is due by June 16. He explained how our field is in a Class E General Controlled airspace. All AMA Chartered runways are required to be FAA certified. He will send out email to the membership on his progress this next week. Darrell said he'd check into other sites around Great Falls that we fly at, including the Missouri River and Wadsworth Park. Places like Fort Benton are in non controlled airspace, so no FAA registrations are needed. No motions were made or passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm.

November 6 Meeting Minutes taken by Bruce H. Held in the cafeteria in the Paris Gibson Educ.Center

President Dan Woods called the meeting to order at 6 PM. Seven members and one guest were present.
Dan read the Minutes from the last meeting, they were approved as read. Darrell Anderson gave the Treasurers Report, it was approved as read.

The Christmas Party details were briefly reviewed. Our Annual Awards Dinner will take place at 1 PM at the Montana Club in Black Eagle. We will have three awards to present, and there will be a gift exchange for members wishing to exchange presents. Dave Harris nominated the present Club officers to be renominated. Dave will also have the plaques engraved. Elections will be held at the December meeting. Dave Harris and John Sandy put the big wind sock and traffic cones away for the winter. Bruce mentioned that we might visit Club By Laws again this winter, we started last year, but stalled out. Last update 2009.

Most of the meeting centered around a presentation and question period with Rick Crow, Area AMA VP in attendance. Rick drove over from his residence in Garrison MT to attend out meeting. He reviewed many of the details of the May 2019 FAA bill passed by the US Congress. It kind of boils down to that FAA owns the air above the ground. All aircraft, including models, even control line are governed by this bill. We did find out that our field is exempt from a FAA Letter of Agreement.

Our RC Field is okayed by FAA and is restricted to flights not to exceed 400 feet. Several Clubs in Montana are in trouble with the FAA as they are too close to the airports and they need to get a Letter of Agreement from FAA. Rick advised those clubs not registered with FAA to contact him. He was very up to date on all pros and cons of the law. FAA does require you display your FAA number on the outside of
of your plane, drone, heli. He did say the law does not say how big the letters have to be. Some the FAA rules he liked, others he did not, but right now, the law is the law. Its hard to recall all the stuff that was talked about. A lot of this mess was caused by non AMA flyers with their quads flying around airports and other dangerous spaces just to catch some good video. A couple things that come to mind is FAA does not sanction any night flying. A written test will be required by AMA members sometime early next year. He said the common member should have no trouble passing it. It will be administrated at meetings or can be taken on line.

Thats about all I can read from my notes. I left my notes on the table the meeting night, and my cat ate half of them. And somehow I still like cats #@!(*^%+_