Meeting Minutes
October 3, 2018

President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7pm at the 10th Ave South Hardee’s, with 13 members in attendance. Secretary, Chuck Woods read the minutes from the September meeting, they were accepted as read. Treasurer, Darrel Anderson read the Treasurer’s report, it was also accepted as read.
Old Business: Mulching kit for our lawn mower is still on order according to John Sandy, he will keep checking. Oliver Gross has been working with his Dad on recruiting some new members. Oliver updated the membership with the news that the friends have purchased a plane and Dave and Oliver are showing them the benefits of joining our club. Dan Woods told the group that our 3rd place trophy for the Parade float has yet to be delivered. He also has not heard from the 4H director about a workshop, more to come.
Steve Woodhouse and Jim Johnson reported that the 3 day event in Saint Ignatius was excellent. The club even gave Jim a plane! Steve also went to Livingston’s event, and it was also a good one and a great place to fly. John Sandy and Darrel Anderson were at the Float Fly in Helena. They both had a good time with good weather and smooth water. Our Quad event was also mentioned, and even though we didn’t get many multi rotor pilots, there were plenty of members flying their fixed wing aircraft and enjoying lunch.
New Business: Indoor flying will be starting up on October 10th from 6 to 9 pm. Dan Woods has got it all set up with the School District, Thanks Dan! Dan has also built us some lighted obstacles to fly through, (or crash into), at the gym. Thanks again, Dan! Chuck Woods responded to a message on Facebook about possibly starting some Tiny Whoop/Inductrix FPV racing and mentioned it at the meeting to check for interest. More to come. A thank you went out to Don Hungerford for picking up the Quad racing course out at the field. Thanks again, Don. John Sandy then mentioned that the wind sock and the traffic cones at the ends of the runway need to get put into the shed for storage for the winter.
Don Woods asked the group if there was any interest in some boat racing. Dennis Woods, who came out to our quad event, is an avid boat racer and was talking with Don about getting some guys together at the river to do some racing. Dennis used to fly planes years ago and is interested in getting another one and possibly becoming a member.
The annual banquet with be at the Celtic Cowboy on December 8th starting a 1 pm. Thank you to Dan Woods for getting that set up again this year. Dan also told the group to be thinking of nominees for the awards; “Flyer of the Year,” “Most Improved Flyer”, and the coveted “Hard Luck/Crash” trophy. The Hard Luck trophy is normally given out by the previous years’ recipient, which is John Sandy, so better be nice to him! We had more discussion about the banquet, especially about prizes. Dan Woods asked the membership about spending some money on planes to give away. After some discussion, it was decided to spend $350 on at least two planes. Chuck Woods made the motion, Don Woods seconded, and the motion carried. John Sandy said that he has a trainer kit to donate, thank you John! It was also decided to skip the table center pieces this year to make the prize budget a bit better. Don Woods said that he has quite a few new ARF kits for sale and we agreed to look at his inventory.
Meeting was then adjourned at 8 pm. Thanks to all that attended!!