About Us

Our RC Airfield is located just north of Great Falls on Highway US 87; Turn left at mile marker 8 on Black Horse Lake Road and it is located about a half a mile from the highway. The paved runway is 500 feet long by 50 feet wide. We recently set up two flying sites on each side of the parking lot that is designated for helicopters, quadcopters and other drones.

Club members meet unofficially at Hardee's for noon lunch every Friday in the back corner room. If you are interested in the hobby, or just a club member that wants to visit, please join us. It's not all airplane stuff, sometimes this group tries to think of ideas to solve the worlds problems. Club meetings are held at 7 PM at Paris Gibson Education Center Gym the first Wednesday of every month.

President Dan Woods 406-868-4426
Vice President David Grosse
Secretary Chuck Woods
Treasurer Darrell Anderson 406-899-6438

Field Marshal Don Hungerford
Safety Officer Bruce Hadella

2019 DUES

$85 Dues for members and new members

Big Sky RC Modelers, 132 15th Ave. NW; Great Falls MT 59404

Dues for new adult members is $85, plus membership to AMA* is required. You can download the membership forms with the buttons below. New members will receive a new BSRCM baseball hat ($15 value).

New Youth membership, $40 per year. The youth has to be under 19 years old, needs to have Free AMA registration. Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the field, as the Club does not provide a babysitting or transportation. A parent should be present while the youth member is at the field, unless the member is old enough to drive. This does not allow the parent to fly, only the youth member. Full family membership is $85.

We do have an Annual Special. New Members joining after September 1, can pay their $85 dues, but this membership will be for the remainder of 2019 and include 2020.
There is a Federal Law that requires all flyers of rc planes, quads, etc weighing over .55 pounds register with FAA. The cost is $5 for a 3 year period. It is not a Club requirement, but FAA requires it. It's an individuals responsibility to register and attach this number to outside of your aircraft, drone etc.
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AMA Application
FAA Application
Click on this paragraph to check out AMA's Park Pilot program, its half the amount of a regular AMA membership, but restricts pilots to size of the aircraft and its speed etc.