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Air Scoop Newsletter
October 2019
Max Henrichs
Leo Memorial Fly In CANCELED
Annual Fly In at Power MT for October 12 has been canceled due to weather conditions. It can now be referred to Leo's Memorial Fly In as Leo passed away in a farming accident recently. Please watch your email this week for details etc. This website is just updated once a month. Also, updates to this event and other events will be posted on our Club's Facebook page.
RC Planes seem to be getting bigger
Below are pictures of a few really big RC planes. AMA usually requires planes to be lighter than 55 pounds. But AMA also has a method of getting an exception to this rule with paperwork etc.
The above yellow scaled down, real, plane participated at one of our Cross Country events to Dutton. It's owned by Gary Crowder called the, “Preceptor N3 Pup” You can see it took off in less than 200 feet. Very neat experience. This took place in May 2003.
Modifying Existing Foam Airplanes
I met this guy on one of the Internet forums. He had a Bush Mule like mine, but took off the props and added four edf fan units. He says it flies just great at half power. I would like to see how just two jets would do.
Misc Club News
We want to welcome Dave Dobbins, a new member to the Club. And a special thanks to David Grosse for applying runway sealing treatment and foam to several areas of the runway.

Watch your email and/or Facebook for info on indoor quad flying, and for events like the Power Fly in
Oct 12. If your out of town, you might check with one of our officers to make sure the event is a go.
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