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Air Scoop Newsletter
September 2019
Crack Repair
The biggest news this last month is the several work parties to repair three bad runway cracks. Above you see our Club President Dan Woods smoothing out the cement filler used to fill the 18" holes that were cut out around the two major cracks. We appreciate Dan's expertise in working with cement, he had helpers, but he did more work than most of the rest of us. But we all did what we could do.
Here you see on of the work crews in action as the cement contractor unloaded his cement. Pictured left to right, Don W, John, Doug, Don H, Dave H and David G. We were lucky that Don Woods has a complete set of cement working tools. Some of the guys have been doing some work solo, for example, David Grosse has donated some cold mix gravel and some runway sealer and has been spending some time applying these materials to the field. We've got a lot of stuff done this summer it seems, like one shed and an Outhouse got reshingled. Don Hungerford was working on repairing a bench while many of us were flying at the Scale Fly In. We thank all you volunteers.
August Scale Fly In.
About 15 flyers attended the Scale RC Fly In. It wasn't the best for weather as the wind was between 15 mph and 30 mph. Some pilots chose not even to fly. But there was some good flying. I really liked Max's Avanti Jet, it had a great sound, flew great and the wind didn't seem to mind it. I give it to Dan Horinek, as he flew his new T34 on its maiden flight and it went very well. They were two of my favorites. Steve Woodhouse put on a
good airshow with smoke, as he always does. I missed getting some pictures of his new giant Extra plane, as I had to leave at noon.
David Grosse was in charge of the lunch and I heard it went well. We thank all of the flyers who came out.
Couple Scale Planes, pictured at the Sky Ranch out of Kalispell
Cartoon Scale Planes
I saw these on Facebook. A builder has built several scale models in a cartoon scale, and they do fly as he has videos posted. I think they are very cute.
Max Henrichs