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September 2020
Scale Fly In
The weather was great for our Open house and Missouri River Float Fly, but it wasn't so good for our Scale Fly In. Upper left shows the wind meter. Since I've been flying a lot of foamees the last two years, my limit has been 10 mph for my 3 cell, and maybe 15 mph for my 4 cell battery aircraft. Above right you see Dan Woods and Dan Horinek with their jets after finishing good flights and good landings. The jets, and heavier aircraft seemed to cut the wind pretty good. I didn't even take any of my three airplanes out of my van. Dan W had three jets. He greased in a nice landing with his T45 Navy Trainer Jet on his last flight. Doug was out there early with his Maule, and had some troubles. I didn't get any particulars, he was actually mowing the control line area most of the morning. Don G has his big Carbon Cub, he's getting pretty good at flying it. Darrell flew his Gamebird a few times, and did pretty good. One landing had about five hops, that's my normal. Steve brought out this huge Bushmaster, it was the biggest plane out there, and all his flights were good. Chad has a twin of this model. Dan Horinek also had a Texan 2. I liked the look of that plane. Larry decided not to fly his Army colored cub. John did a good job on his Sunburst biplane. Wind didn't seem to bother him too much. Don Hungerford had his big Stick up several times, its a heavy bird, wind no problem. Other members present but did not fly included: Bruce, Chuck, Don W, Hope I didn't miss anyone. Special thanks to the guys who mowed the field, it looked great.
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Flying at other Flying Sites
By John Sandy
Hello sports fans, as many of you know I'm involved in numerous aspects of modeling and r/c flying, including some pylon racing, pattern, scale, float flying, but mainly sport flying. Another very attractive aspect of the hobby / sport is traveling for various fly-ins around the state! Traveling is a wonderful way for meeting new people and picking up new pieces if information. The longer you'er involved, the more knowledge you will pick up, especially by meeting and listening to the older members who did the same by listening and doing. That said I just returned from the Victor, MT fly-in in the Bitterroot Valley and had a wonderful time. The "Barn Stormers" are an extremely friendly and cordial group to fly and chat with! Their field is primarily mowed grass that is about 500' long and quite smooth that most sized aircraft can can handle. Another aspect of flying at other sites it makes you a better flyer, in that regard most fields don't have unlimited airspace that we enjoy in Great Falls. At the "Barn Stormers" field there is a barbed wire fence on the south end and 100' pine trees on the north end. But don't let these obstructions scare you off. Remember, what doesn't destroy your plane (kills you) makes you stronger and a better flier! The same applies to the Bozeman, Helena, Havre and Paradise Valley clubs, there are different obstructions and conditions one learns to navigate and deal with. By the time you read this the Helena float-fly on Hauser Lake will be a past event which I will try to document! That said, I highly recommend you attend some of the various events around the state, they would be well worth your effort
Victor Fly In Photos
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