Above is David Groose's
By John Sandy, Safety Coordinator
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Black Horse Lake RC Club Newsletter
September 2022
Don Woods, our Chef for the weekend.
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Elks Park River Float Fly Aug 13
Almost a dozen guys showed up on a beautiful day to fly and event drive boats on the Missouri River. We had two guests from Helena, Ken Robbins and his son. Most of the flying went pretty good, we had one plane get lost in the trees and landed hard into Elks Park lawn across the road. Maybe one or two fellows needed the rescue boat provided by David Grosse. We had several visitors drop by for a view and to visit about our hobby. Dan cooked up a couple burgers left over from our last month, guys donated some money for the meal, so we came out ahead. On the upper right you see John Sandy bringing in his plane after a successful flight. Members present were; Doug McCombs, Steve Woodhouse, David Grosse and his boys, Dan, Don and Chuck Woods, Darrell Anderson, and Bruce Hadella. This was my 2nd Float Fly with my Timber X, which is a STOL aircraft (Short Take Off and Land), It was out of the water in seconds and landings were so nice. I've had bad luck on water years ago, I think my planes were too heavy and not enough power. It was neat seeing several hot road boats at this event. You couldn't notice from the shore but the boats all collected some moss on their props and rudders. Guys just cleaned them off, and out they went again. Thanks to all the guys who participated, hope I didn't forget somebody, and to Chuck and Dan for getting us a 2 year extension on our right to fly off the river.
Annual Scale Aircraft Fly In Aug 20th at the RC Complex
Seemed like the same bunch of guys at the Float Fly showed up to Fly at the Scale Fly In, including Don Gilles.
I usually fly in the mornings, so I'm not a total judge of how many guys are flying, but it seems like the number of flyers using the field was down this year. Yes, it was hot and a rather windy year. I mostly flying foam electric planes, I limit myself to not fly in winds over 10 mph. Above on the right you see David is having some problem with engine on this blue trainer. I think he needs a new engine? Steve flew a giant XL Stick plane, over one hundred inch wing and gas engine, he put on some really good flights. Dan brought out several planes, ilncluding jet that you could hardly see it pass as it was very fast, good thing he has good eyes. Gilles is getting to be a hot shot with his Orange and White Cub shown above. I don't think he knows how to crash like some of us. I think everyone disbanded by noontime, as it was hot. We need more flyers....
Steve Woodhouse's Fort Benton Fly In August 27-28
Hello guys, hope all is well with you, flying and driving your brains out! Well, "Steve's Fly-In", held on the weekend of August 27th came and went, and for those who attended did get some flying in, even with high winds, all weekend! I don't believe the winds were below 15 mph and gusting to about 35 mph! With 1,000 feet of runway and over 150 feet wide, take-offs and landings were no problem and even with the wind there was very little carnage. There was one "incident" where I lost my aileron servo and almost lost an old Goldberg Eagle 63, in fact it almost went down in the pits. I really thought that plane was going home in a garbage bag, but Steve Woodhouse took the "sticks" and with a couple of "close calls" was able to make a successful landing. Thanks Steve! Steve also did some impressive flying with some larger planes, especially a giant Ultimate Bipe with smoke! Sadly, Kale Tylinski (my grandson) didn't fly because of the servo issue and he was too busy chasing grass hoppers! Don Gilles, Dave, Oliver and Quigley Grosse also flew, successfully braving the gale force winds. On Saturday Steve fired up the grill, he and Eric Sidell grilled some bison burgers (provided by Eric) with all the goodies for lunch, very tasty. Eric also provided a pizza with all the "toppings" that he picked up in Ronan for dinner on Friday night! We all had a good time talking "airplane" and solving all the worlds problems! Well, a few anyway! With Bill Allison's construction background and with our input, Bill, Steve, Eric and myself erected a very large shade system between two trailers which worked quite well, but I believe next year we will most likely make some minor changes. The shade system was really a learning experience with the wind! On Saturday night we all drove to Steve's house in Fort Benton for a steak dinner, which was quite the spread! Included with the steaks, the dinner included baked beans, baked potato, salad, garlic toast and zucchini bread with walnuts and chocolate chips! But wait, there's more! Also provided were some very nice "door prizes" for those who attended and camped out at the field, all provided by Bill, Eric and Steve! Now, don't you wish you attended! I'm looking forward to next year, it's an event worth attending! I would like to extend a special thanks to Steve Woodhouse who prepared and provided the venue, Eric Sidell who drove all the way from Polson, MT to attend and provided some door prizes, including gift certificates. And thanks to Bill Allison who drove up from Helena and helped with the set-up and announcing duties! Oh, I almost forgot, we had a sound system set up! And thanks to the others mentioned who made the trip regardless of unsettled weather! I'm looking forward to the upcoming "Fall Fury" car event on September 17-18 in Great Falls, and Leo Somerfeld Memorial Fly-In on October 1 in Power, MT! Both are nice events and we hope you can attend and support your club! Written by John Sandy