Club Meeting Minutes 2022 (Don Gilles, Secretary)

August 10, President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:07 PM at the Pitstop with 11 members in attendance. Secretary Don Gilles read July’s meeting minutes and they were accepted as read.
Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was accepted as read.

Old business:
Jim Hutchins briefed club members on the progress of the smaller oval racing track which is being built inside of the larger oval. Its design is 9-foot-wide straights with 12-foot banked corners. It was decided to not schedule any formal races on the ovals this year as we don't have time to properly prepare the track. Please remember that Jim can't build this track on his own - he needs our help for the hands-on dirt work that needs to be done. We'll be purchasing the timing loop for the ovals next year.
Dan Woods briefed a quick summary of expenses for our recent "Summer Heat" race event. We made a profit of $185. There were many more one-time purchases of pumping hardware, hoses and the new pump itself. We should see a good profit from the upcoming September 17-18 "Fall Fury" R/C Car Race.
Quick thanks to Dave Grosse and John Sandy for spending the time to install the anchor wires holding our road sign from blowing over.
Also, a big thanks to Jim Hutchins for all the work he did in getting the east track ready for our previous "Summer Heat" event. Jim did get a new track scraper built with donated metal. We also thank the club members who responded to Jim's request for laborers to man the shovels and help out.

New business:
Steve Woodhouse gave a run-down on his spraying activity at the field. Steve sprayed the entire area to take out the kochia infestation. We hope to start mowing on Wed, 17 August to prepare for our next event. Please don't mow before this date. The club did vote to pay Steve for the chemicals and Steve took the time to haul down his farm spraying equipment and get these weeds under control.
Darrel Anderson briefed that the AMA is raising the annual fee to $85 for Age 19-65 and $75 for 65 & over. BSRC membership rates are not changing. Darrel bought up the suggestion of setting our early renewal discount to end on 31 December but no decision was made. This did lead into a discussion on fixed club fees such as the new annual fee of $395 for car-only coverage and the upcoming leasing fee to the state. Members are reminded that club finances are discussed at every meeting. If you want detailed information, please attend a meeting!
Darrel Anderson also briefed that the Remote ID is formally going into effect 16 Sep 2023. This only affects flyers and not our R/C cars & buggies. The D.C. Circuit’s U.S. Court of Appeals has upheld the constitutionality of the FAA’s Remote ID requirement for drones, saying “drone pilots generally lack any reasonable expectation of privacy in the location of their drone systems during flight.” Remote ID details can be found here:
Dan Woods gave a quick run-down on our upcoming August events which include the Saturday, August 13, Missouri River Float Fly and the August 27-28, Steve Woodhouse Farm Fly-In up at Fort Benton, MT. Steve would like a head count if possible. A club email went out Sunday, Aug 7 to members detailing information about Steve's Fly-In. Steve is planning on providing a grill so we can cook up some burgers. A small reminder that latrine services are "remote" so plan accordingly. Steve has a huge flying area and this should be a great time.
Dan Woods briefed he heard from Mat Permann that Gusto Distributing has sponsored BSRC for another year with a donation of $500.00 to be used for any club expenditure. Big thanks to Gusto - it is greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all attendees, the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.

Sept 07, 2022

President Dan Woods brought the meeting to order at 7:05 PM at the Pitstop with 13 members in attendance.
Secretary Don Gilles read August’s meeting minutes and they were accepted as read.
Treasurer Darrell Anderson read the Treasurer’s report and it was accepted as read.

Old business:
During the treasurer's brief Bruce Hadella asked if we could send out an updated membership report. It was decided that an email should be sent out first asking if any member requests their information not be included on this report.

Dan Woods asked about progress on the smaller oval racing track. Dave Grosse stated he had done some dirt work recently and moved some dirt to the corners. Jim Hutchins said he had been to Builders FirstSource and looked at some edging to use that might work better than the large plastic pipe we're currently using.

Dan Woods gave an update on the new sign coverings for our highway sign. Dan said he'll definitely get the new coverings on before the September 17-18 "Fall Fury" R/C Car Race.

Dan Woods discussed the kochia condition out at the field and parking lot now that it's been about a month since Steve Woodhouse sprayed. Most of the kochia is dead but a few areas remain that Steve couldn't spray. We'll need to ensure we keep it mowed down and under control. We really need a member to use a weed eater and clear out under the flying tables.

Dan Woods reopened the discussion on changing the cutoff date for our early payment discount for club membership dues. Members discussed and agreed it's a good idea. Don Woods made a motion to change the cutoff date to "before or on the date of the January club meeting" for a $10.00 membership renewal discount for existing members. This would set a renewal fee of $75.00 for flyers and $90.00 for non-flyers. It was decided to table discussion of changing family membership rates to another meeting.

New business:
Dan Woods opened discussion on our upcoming Fall Fury race event. Jason Naranjo briefed members about making some modifications to our existing layout and asked everyone's opinion. The focus is on maintaining a balance that works for all scales that race our track. We don't want jumps so large we're breaking parts or so small the jumps aren't exciting. Jason is attempting to get a skid steer out to the track to help us move dirt. We'll work the track this Saturday and Sunday, 10-11 Sep, for a few hours each day. Jim Hutchins plans on watering and rolling the track the few nights prior to the 17-18 race event. Please stay off the track after the final Friday night track prep. Dan Woods stated the Snack Shack will be open with burgers for lunch.

As a reminder, the race event is posted at:

Jason Naranjo brought up the idea of starting a points system for racers so we could have a "Grand Champion" at the end of the season. This was eagerly discussed and all members thought it a great idea. A plan will need to be written up on how this will work. We'll need a volunteer to do this.

Thanks to all attendees, the meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm.

Don Gilles