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AirScoop Newsletter
By John Sandy, Safety Coordinator
Monthly Newsletter
October 2021
Welcome New Members last month
Darin Berg Zack Olson
Matt Wiltfong Cody Erickson
Joshua Bolender Pete Barber
Fixed wing, rotary, and car/truck found at our RC Complex
This newsletter will feature some pictures from the Scale and Car practice event in September. In the pictures area will be a collection of the progress of starting and finishing the RC Raceway. Make note that it might change shape next year as dirt was hard to get. Also the TRUST test from FAA that flyers.
First a couple pics of indoor flying Wednesday nights at Paris Gibson School gym
Scale Meet and RC racers
sky_blueseptoct2021five004010.jpg sky_blueseptoct2021five004006.jpg
A little over a dozen members showed up the this event. Most guys started getting in a few flights before the winds gained speed. Then a lot of the guys headed to the Raceway and the wind didn't bother them. Seemed like most guys enjoyed themselves. There was some fun racing at times, seemed like most guys were trying to get around the track without a tipover. I think about a half a dozen plane guys have bought RC cars lately. We hope some of the cars guys might try flying in the future.
AMA’s policy is that clubs are not responsible for enforcing FAA regulations, but leave it up to the individual members to comply. Clubs may require compliance with regulations as part of their bylaws if compliance is required by the land owner, for example. I would think that it would be the responsibility to inform members of FAA regulations, and that non-compliance would reflect badly on the club if an incident occurred that invited FAA scrutiny.

I have seen several members who do not attach their assigned FAA number to their aircraft. This is sort of like a license plate from FAA, and passing the TRUST test is your drivers licence. Some clubs have decided to make this mandatory for members. I took the TRUST test recently. You take it on line. You read through some FAA rules on flying rc aircraft and the next page is several questions, your answer is immediately graded. This goes on like this for about 6 pages. Took me about 10 minutes. I have now printed out my TRUST certificate to go with my FAA aircraft registration number. Please check out the below link.
TRUST Test from FAA for flyers
Link to TRUST test site;
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Editors Note: The Clubs webpage is updated once a month, usually a few days after the monthly meeting. Daily and weekly updates are covered by Facebook or the email listserv that all of you are members of. Messages to members can be received pretty fast.
Pictured on the left above is Cody Erickson, winner of an wooden electric trainer, compete with motor, transmitter and one battery. This prize was given to any of the 13 recent members that joined since the end of September. Plane and components were donated by Dan and Don Woods. On the right, we see Donald Gilles, winner of the door prize for October meeting attendees. This quad outfit was donated by Zack Olson, Hobby Time RC. We hope everyone supports our local hobby store. If they don't have it in stock they can order it and you will probably save the postage. Congrats to both Cody and Donald. Hope they have fun with their new aricraft.