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Big Sky RC Modelers

AMA Charter Club 400
 Great Falls Montana
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President Dan Woods maintains our Clubs page on Facebook. He adds content to it each week, please check out the link above, think about joining Facebook, it's kind of fun.

Our RC Airfield is located just north of Great Falls on Highway US 87; Turn left at mile marker 8 on Black Horse Lake Road and it is located about a half a mile from the highway. The paved runway is 560 feet long by 50 feet wide. We recently set up two flying sites on each side of the parking lot that is designated for helicopters, quadcopters and other drones.

Club members meet unofficially at Hardee's for noon lunch every Friday. If you are interested in the hobby, or just a club member that wants to visit, please join us. It's not all airplane stuff, sometimes this group tries to think of ideas to solve the worlds problems.

This winter the club holds monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, 7 p.m. Meetings this winter are held at being held at the Longfellow School gym. The Club has worked out an agreement with the school district, that club members can fly small indoor planes, helicopters or quadcopters at the school gym every Wednesday night this winter unless they have a vacation day. You will get an email if something changes. You're all invited to come out and see what all the fuss is about. I got hooked last year, and its something I look forward to each week. Flying is from 6 pm to 9 pm. We will most likely do indoor flying the rest of March and in April. Then we might switch to flying at the RC Field. Then our monthly meetings will go back to the 10th Ave. Hardees the first Wednesday of each month.
Radio Control planes, drones, quadcopters, and helicopters.
The above picture is kind of sad, as it reminds me that our Local RC Hobby Land, which has been closed since last fall and the building was leveled a couple weeks ago by Lithia Motors, who bought the building from Pat Dwyer. We will miss our local hobby shop. The Internet has almost ruined local hobby shops and items that are a lot cheaper to purchase on line, but if you need something right away, you are out of luck There are some balsa and other items available at Michael's and Hobby Lobby here in town. But it's not the same.

In this month's update the Newsletter will have an article on AMA and FAA, again. And some misc pics.
Plus in the Club Pictures icon, we will see a bunch of new pictures of people who have gone overboard on this hobby etc. Any comments, on the content of the newsletter can be sent to the webmaster.