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Big Sky RC Modelers

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                  AMA Chartered Club 400 Radio Control Planes
                                buggies, trucks, quadcopters, etc
                                        Great Falls Montana
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Welcome to BSRCMs website. Above you will see the new RC Raceway. we are no not just a rc airplane club, we now have rc cars members, who we welcome. We want to thank the above sponsors that helped the Club build this raceway at our RC Complex. We also want to thank our Pre Dan Woods, all the Club members and volunteers who helped in the construction. We are hosting our first official race on October 16-17. Please review the below graphic and sign up buttons.

To view a good overall picture of our RC Complex, press on the Field Map button.

Wednesday night indoor flying has started at the Paris Gibson School Gym. Half a dozen members showed up for the first week. You can wear a mask if you feel more safe.

Leo's Memorial Fly in Power MT has been rescheduled October 23, flying starts at 9 am
Pic by Dan Woods
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