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Big Sky RC Modelers

AMA Charter Club 400
 Great Falls Montana
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Pictured above is Don Gilles and his third Flite Test Guinea Pig. Don is really into electronics, his aircraft has three cameras, GPS and loads of circuits inside to measure each of his flights, as to the amperage used etc. He can use this data to determine the correct prop size and other features of this electric foam kit.

Don also wants to remind all members and other flyers that Big Sky RC Modelers will be hosting their Annual Open House and Fly In on July 16-17. This is a good time for all members to come out and fly together and have lunch, and do some more flying. Don says, "Hope to see you all there." AMA is required for out of town and non member pilots.

Our club averages from 30-40 members per year. Right now we have about 30 paid up members, we hope everybody comes back this summer. It looks like we will have a nice long summer. We have a good combination of young, middle aged and retired members. Members fly electric, nitro and gasoline powered RC aircraft.

Our RC Airport is located just North of Great Falls Montana on Highway US 87, five miles from the TV stations on the Havre Highway. You turn left at mile marker 8 on Black Horse Lake Road and we are located about a half a mile from the highway. The paved runway is 560 feet long by 50 feet wide. You can see a video of the road by hitting the Field Video. If you are interested in radio controlled aircraft, you might want to check us out. Please look through our website for membership information, dues, etc. Our Club holds its monthly meetings on the first Wednesday of each month, 7 p.m. at Hardees on 10th Avenue South.